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Willow Stream Spa

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

Nestled in the historically rich cityscape of Amman, the Willow Stream Spa emerges as a sanctuary of wellness and tranquility. A world away from the bustling streets and vibrant marketplaces of Jordan's capital, this spa invites guests to embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation, deeply rooted in the region's ancient healing traditions.

Elegant Design Meets Jordanian Charm

The interiors of Willow Stream Spa transport guests to a world of opulence, where modern design blends seamlessly with traditional Jordanian aesthetics. Stone walls, reminiscent of Amman's ancient architecture, meet plush furnishings and ambient lighting. Every corner of the spa exudes warmth, with soft color palettes and intricate designs paying homage to Jordan's rich cultural tapestry.

Holistic Treatments Inspired by the Dead Sea

At the heart of Willow Stream Spa's offerings are treatments inspired by the therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea. Known for its mineral-rich waters and mud, the Dead Sea has been a center of healing for centuries. The spa harnesses these natural benefits, offering mud wraps, salt scrubs, and mineral-infused facials that promise to detoxify, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin.

A Diverse Range of Wellness Experiences

Beyond Dead Sea therapies, the spa boasts an extensive menu of treatments. From traditional Arab hammams and aromatic oil massages to contemporary beauty treatments and hydrotherapy sessions, there's something for every wellness seeker. Expert therapists, trained in both ancient and modern techniques, ensure that each guest receives a treatment tailored to their needs and preferences.

A Sanctuary for the Senses

Willow Stream Spa is more than just a place for treatments. It's a holistic wellness retreat where guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in the entire experience. The aromatic steam rooms, serene relaxation lounges, and tranquil meditation spaces offer ample opportunity to unwind and reflect. The sounds of soft music and trickling water further enhance the sensory experience, creating an environment of utmost peace.

Easy Accessibility in Amman

Conveniently located in the heart of Amman, Willow Stream Spa is a stone's throw away from major landmarks and attractions. Whether one is a resident seeking a break from city life or a traveler looking to indulge after a day of sightseeing, the spa's central location makes it an easy escape.

A Haven of Peace Amidst Jordan's Capital

In a city steeped in history and culture, Willow Stream Spa offers a contemporary take on Jordan's age-old wellness traditions. It stands as a beacon of luxury and relaxation in Amman, promising an experience that soothes the mind, body, and soul. For those seeking a touch of serenity amidst the energy of Jordan's capital, a visit to Willow Stream Spa is a must.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Amman Logo

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Amman

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

In the historic city of Amman, where ancient ruins meet modern skyscrapers, lies an exquisite retreat of unparalleled luxury - The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Amman. Merging time-honored Jordanian traditions with contemporary sophistication, this spa stands as a testament to indulgence and well-being amidst the urban sprawl of Jordan's bustling capital.

Architectural Elegance Meets Timeless Tradition

Upon entering the spa, visitors are met with an ambiance that perfectly marries modernity with age-old Middle Eastern charm. The expansive marble floors, glistening under soft, ambient lights, contrast beautifully with traditional Jordanian motifs and patterns, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Every detail, from the art pieces adorning the walls to the intricate tile work, tells a story of Jordan's rich heritage.

A World-Class Selection of Treatments

Drawing inspiration from both local customs and global spa cultures, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Amman boasts a diverse menu of treatments designed for holistic well-being. Signature therapies, such as the Dead Sea mud wrap and the Jordanian rose ritual, utilize natural resources and techniques rooted in the region's healing practices.

Additionally, guests can indulge in a range of international treatments. Whether it's a Balinese massage, a Swedish relaxation session, or a cutting-edge facial treatment, there's an offering to cater to every individual's needs.

An Emphasis on Holistic Wellness

Beyond the individual treatments, the spa places a strong emphasis on the holistic wellness journey. Visitors are encouraged to make use of the state-of-the-art steam rooms, saunas, and Jacuzzis, designed for deep relaxation and detoxification. The tranquil relaxation lounges, complete with plush seating and calming music, provide the perfect setting to unwind after a treatment.

Personalized Experiences

At the heart of the spa's exceptional service is its team of skilled therapists and wellness experts. Each guest is given a personalized consultation, ensuring that the treatments are tailored to meet their specific needs and wellness goals. The dedicated staff's expertise and warmth ensure that every visit is both beneficial and deeply relaxing.

Centrally Located, Yet A World Apart

While the spa is conveniently situated in the center of Amman, making it easily accessible to both locals and tourists, it feels worlds away from the city's hustle and bustle. The serene environment, combined with the Four Seasons' legendary hospitality, ensures that visitors feel cocooned in luxury from the moment they step in.

An Oasis of Luxury in the Heart of Jordan

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Amman is not just a place to receive treatments – it's a destination for those seeking an immersive luxury spa experience in the heart of the Middle East. With its blend of Jordanian traditions and modern spa techniques, impeccable service, and serene ambiance, it promises a journey of rejuvenation, relaxation, and sheer indulgence.

Gaia's Cocoon Spa Logo

Gaia's Cocoon Spa

Indoor only
Day Spa

In the midst of Amman's dynamic cityscape, a realm of relaxation beckons those seeking a sanctuary for their senses. Gaia's Cocoon Spa, a name that whispers of nature and age-old beauty rituals, has carved its niche in Jordan's capital as a destination that elevates the spa experience to an art form.

A Tranquil Setting Inspired by Nature

Taking its name from the Greek goddess of Earth, Gaia, and the protective encasement of a cocoon, the spa offers a serene setting that echoes nature’s nurturing essence. The décor marries organic materials with luxurious finishes, creating a tranquil ambience where stone, wood, and water elements come together in harmonious cohesion. As soon as you step in, the city's cacophony fades, replaced by the gentle melodies of nature and soft, ambient lighting.

Bespoke Treatments Tailored to Individual Needs

Gaia's Cocoon Spa stands out for its bespoke approach to wellness. Rather than a one-size-fits-all menu, treatments are curated based on an individual's unique needs. Using a blend of traditional Middle Eastern techniques and contemporary global practices, the spa offers a holistic experience. From Dead Sea mud wraps harnessing the mineral-rich blessings of Jordan's famous salt lake, to Ayurvedic massages that channel ancient Indian wisdom, there is an experience awaiting every guest.

Premium Products and Expertise

Adding to the allure is the spa's commitment to using only the finest products. High-end, organic skincare lines promise the best for guests, ensuring that each treatment not only pampers but also deeply nourishes. Backing these exceptional products is a team of trained therapists who possess a deep understanding of wellness and are attuned to the specific needs of each guest.

Holistic Wellness Beyond Treatments

Gaia's Cocoon is not just about treatments; it’s about overall wellness. Guests are invited to relax in the spa's serene lounges, partake in meditation sessions, or attend workshops on nutrition and holistic health. Each aspect of the spa experience is meticulously crafted to ensure guests leave feeling rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit.

A Central Oasis in Amman

Despite being in the heart of the bustling capital, Gaia's Cocoon feels like a secluded retreat. Its central location makes it a convenient escape for both locals looking to break away from their hectic routines and travelers keen on indulging in a slice of Levantine luxury.

A Rejuvenating Escape in the Heart of the Levant

Gaia's Cocoon Spa in Amman is more than just a place for relaxation – it's a celebration of holistic well-being, a testament to the timeless beauty rituals of the region, and a modern-day oasis where guests are invited to reconnect with themselves. As one steps out and the sounds of Amman resume, the rejuvenating aura of Gaia's embrace lingers, a gentle reminder of the sanctuary that awaits their next visit.

Alf Layla Wa Layla Turkish Bath Logo

Alf Layla Wa Layla Turkish Bath

Indoor only
Thermal Spa

Nestled amidst the modern allure of Amman lies a portal to an era bygone, where ancient rituals of rejuvenation converge with Jordanian hospitality. The Alf Layla Wa Layla Turkish Bath, translating to "One Thousand and One Nights," is not merely a spa but a narrative, evoking tales of sultans, harems, and opulence of the Ottoman days.

Echoes of a Storied Past

Stepping into Alf Layla Wa Layla is akin to traveling through time. The décor seamlessly combines intricate Islamic geometric patterns with the lavishness associated with Turkish baths. Glittering mosaics, domed ceilings, and marble pillars stand testament to the architectural brilliance of the Ottoman era, with warm, ambient lighting lending an ethereal glow.

Authentic Hammam Experience

At the heart of the experience is the traditional hammam ritual. The process starts with a spell in the warm room, allowing the gentle heat to open up the pores and relax the muscles. What follows is a thorough exfoliation using a 'kese' mitt, ridding the skin of dead cells and impurities. A master masseur or masseuse then administers a relaxing massage, using olive oil soap to create a rich lather, ensuring deep cleansing and invigoration.

Natural Ingredients and Healing Touch

Alf Layla Wa Layla prides itself on utilizing nature's bounty. Ingredients like pure olive oil, Dead Sea minerals, and local herbs are integral to their treatments. Each ritual is tailored to rejuvenate the body, detoxify the skin, and revitalize the spirit. The seasoned therapists, with their expert touch and understanding of the hammam traditions, elevate the experience, making each guest feel like royalty.

A Social Ritual

True to its origins, the Turkish bath at Alf Layla Wa Layla isn't just about personal rejuvenation but also social interaction. Historically, hammams were places of congregation, where individuals would meet, converse, and relax. This communal essence is palpable here, with guests encouraged to relax post-treatment in beautifully appointed lounges, sipping on herbal teas and engaging in unhurried conversations.

Centrally Located, Yet a World Away

While the spa is located in the heart of Amman, once inside, the din of the city fades into oblivion. The meticulous design ensures an escape from urban cacophony, enveloping guests in an oasis of calm and luxury.

A Journey Through Time and Tradition

The Alf Layla Wa Layla Turkish Bath is more than just a spa in Amman. It's an experience, a journey through time, and a testament to the enduring allure of Middle Eastern wellness traditions. For those seeking an authentic hammam ritual without boarding a flight to Istanbul, Alf Layla Wa Layla is the ultimate destination in the heart of Jordan.

Deniz Blue Bath & Spa Logo

Deniz Blue Bath & Spa

Indoor only
Day Spa

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Amman, Deniz Blue Bath & Spa emerges as an oasis, embodying the tranquil allure of the Aegean shores while echoing the rich heritage of Jordanian wellness rituals. A convergence of cultures and centuries-old spa traditions, this establishment offers a transcendent journey to anyone stepping into its precincts.

Mediterranean Aesthetics in the Heart of Amman

The design of Deniz Blue Bath & Spa paints a picture of the Mediterranean seaside. Shades of blue, representing the vastness of the sea, are juxtaposed against whites and earthy tones reminiscent of Grecian islands and their calming landscapes. Graceful arches, detailed mosaics, and tasteful ornamentation ensure an ambiance that is both sophisticated and deeply relaxing.

A Celebration of Time-Honored Rituals

At the core of Deniz Blue's offerings is the traditional hammam experience, adapted and refined to suit modern sensibilities. Guests begin their journey in the steam room, letting warmth prepare their skin. A rigorous exfoliation follows, using a specialized mitt to cleanse and renew. The finale is a soothing massage with aromatic oils, transporting one to a state of profound relaxation.

Harnessing the Power of Natural Ingredients

True to the spirit of both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spa rituals, Deniz Blue places immense emphasis on natural ingredients. Olive oil, famed for its nourishing properties, features prominently, as do herbs and minerals indigenous to the Jordanian landscape. Each treatment is not just a sensory delight but also a therapeutic session, promising holistic wellness.

Beyond the Hammam: A Spectrum of Treatments

While the hammam experience is central, Deniz Blue offers a plethora of other treatments. From deep-tissue massages and aromatherapy sessions to specialized facials that harness the potency of the Dead Sea minerals, there's a ritual for every guest and every need.

A Retreat for Mind, Body, and Soul

Deniz Blue is not merely a place for physical rejuvenation. Spaces within the spa, adorned with tranquil fountains and soft, melodic tunes, invite introspection and relaxation. Guests are encouraged to linger, sipping on herbal infusions, reading, or simply soaking in the tranquility.

Where Aegean Charm Meets Jordanian Elegance

Deniz Blue Bath & Spa in Amman stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of spa traditions from across the Mediterranean and the Middle East. More than just a space for treatments, it's a sanctuary where the chaos of urban life fades, replaced by rhythms that speak of ancient rituals, the serenity of the Aegean, and the unmistakable warmth of Jordanian hospitality.

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