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Essential Spa & Health Club at Mövenpick Beirut Logo

Essential Spa & Health Club at Mövenpick Beirut

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Nestled within the luxurious confines of Mövenpick Hotel Beirut, the Essential Spa & Health Club stands as a sanctuary of wellness and rejuvenation. This premium facility is a harmonious blend of relaxation and vitality, offering guests an escape from the bustling city life into a world of serene indulgence.

A Haven of Wellness

The Essential Spa & Health Club is more than just a spa; it's a comprehensive wellness destination. With complimentary access to the health club and indoor pool all year long, and the resort facilities on a seasonal basis, guests can enjoy a holistic experience. The spa provides a tranquil setting where one can unwind, recharge, and find balance. The indoor pool area is a perfect retreat for those looking to swim laps or simply relax by the water in a peaceful environment.

Luxurious Treatments and Facilities

The spa prides itself on a wide array of treatments designed to pamper and revitalize the body and soul. From massages that soothe aching muscles to facials that brighten and rejuvenate the skin, each service is executed with the utmost care and professionalism. The facilities are equipped with the latest in spa technology, ensuring that every guest receives the best possible experience.

Fitness and Recreation

For those looking to maintain their fitness routine while traveling, the Essential Spa & Health Club offers a state-of-the-art fitness center. The gym is outfitted with modern equipment and provides a variety of exercise options to suit all levels of fitness. Additionally, the resort's outdoor facilities beckon guests to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, whether it's lounging by the pool or engaging in more active pursuits.

A Culinary Journey

The Mövenpick Hotel Beirut is not just about relaxation and fitness; it's also a culinary destination. With several restaurants on-site, guests can indulge in a range of dining experiences that cater to all palates. Each restaurant is a testament to Mövenpick's commitment to freshness, flavor, and culinary excellence, ensuring that every meal is an unforgettable part of the guest's stay.

Embrace the Mövenpick Experience

The Essential Spa & Health Club at Mövenpick Beirut is a testament to the hotel's dedication to providing guests with an exceptional stay. The combination of luxurious spa treatments, comprehensive fitness facilities, and delectable dining options makes for a truly remarkable experience. It's a place where every detail is crafted to ensure guests leave feeling better than when they arrived – a true oasis of well-being in the heart of Beirut.

Al Bustan Hotel Spa Logo

Al Bustan Hotel Spa

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Perched atop the hills overlooking the captivating city of Beirut and the vast expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, Al Bustan Hotel Spa stands as a symbol of luxury, tradition, and impeccable hospitality. Nestled within the illustrious Al Bustan Hotel, a beacon of Lebanese elegance, this spa promises an unparalleled retreat for those seeking a serene escape in the heart of the Levant.

A Blend of Tradition and Modern Elegance

From the very moment guests enter Al Bustan Hotel Spa, they are ushered into a realm that seamlessly marries Lebanese tradition with contemporary sophistication. Rich wooden panels, intricate mosaic tiles, and plush furnishings combine to create an ambiance of timeless elegance. Large windows and terraces offer breathtaking views of Beirut and the azure waters of the Mediterranean, setting the stage for relaxation.

Signature Treatments Inspired by the Levant

At the core of the spa's offerings is a diverse menu of treatments that draw inspiration from the rich history and traditions of the Middle East. Guests can indulge in therapies that utilize time-honored ingredients like argan oil, Dead Sea minerals, and Lebanese rose extracts. From traditional Hammam rituals that exfoliate and rejuvenate to massages that fuse Western techniques with Eastern philosophies, every session is crafted to offer a unique and transformative experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities for Holistic Wellness

Beyond its treatment suites, Al Bustan Hotel Spa boasts an array of state-of-the-art facilities designed for holistic well-being. A modern fitness center equipped with the latest machinery ensures guests can maintain their workout routines. Meanwhile, steam rooms, saunas, and Jacuzzis offer avenues for relaxation and detoxification. The indoor and outdoor pools, overlooking the sea and city, add to the sense of luxury, providing guests with spaces to unwind and soak in the views.

A Culinary Journey to Enhance the Experience

Complementing the spa experience, Al Bustan Hotel houses a selection of gourmet dining options that celebrate Lebanese flavors. Guests can treat their palates to a range of delectable dishes, crafted with locally-sourced ingredients and served with the renowned Lebanese hospitality. Each meal becomes an integral part of the wellness journey, ensuring that the body is nourished from the inside out.

A Luxurious Escape Overlooking the Mediterranean

Al Bustan Hotel Spa in Beirut is not just a destination; it's an experience. It captures the essence of Lebanon's rich heritage while offering world-class facilities and treatments. For travelers and locals alike, it stands as an oasis of calm, luxury, and genuine hospitality, promising moments of relaxation and rejuvenation against the backdrop of one of the Middle East's most vibrant cities.

Elixir Spa & Health Club Logo

Elixir Spa & Health Club

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

In the cosmopolitan heart of Beirut, a city renowned for its rich history, cultural tapestry, and vivacious energy, lies a sanctuary that offers a peaceful respite from the city's pulsating rhythm: The Elixir Spa & Health Club. Located within the precincts of Beirut's elite establishments, this spa serves as a haven for those in search of holistic wellness and rejuvenation amidst the city's dynamic backdrop.

Contemporary Ambiance with a Touch of Lebanese Flair

Stepping into the Elixir Spa & Health Club, one is immediately greeted by an ambiance that harmoniously blends modern aesthetics with subtle hints of Lebanese tradition. The decor features a calming palette of neutrals, punctuated with rich textures and intricate patterns that pay homage to Lebanon's artistic heritage. Ambient lighting, soft music, and the subtle aroma of essential oils complete the sensory experience, setting the tone for relaxation and pampering.

Holistic Therapies for Body and Soul

At the core of the Elixir Spa experience is a curated selection of treatments designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of its discerning clientele. Drawing from both Western therapeutic techniques and the age-old wellness traditions of the Middle East, the spa offers a diverse range of services. Guests can indulge in signature massages that incorporate aromatic oils sourced from the Levantine region, revitalize their skin with facials using cutting-edge technology, or experience the therapeutic benefits of a traditional Hammam ritual. Every treatment is delivered by expert therapists, ensuring an experience that soothes, revitalizes, and restores.

State-of-the-Art Health Club for Fitness Enthusiasts

Understanding the evolving wellness needs of modern urbanites, the Elixir Spa & Health Club also boasts a top-tier fitness center. Equipped with the latest in cardio and strength-training machinery, it caters to those who wish to keep up with their fitness regimes. Personal trainers, tailored workout programs, and group classes further enhance the fitness offerings, ensuring a comprehensive health and wellness experience.

Relaxation Beyond Treatments

Beyond its therapies and fitness facilities, the spa offers several zones dedicated to relaxation and leisure. A serene indoor pool invites guests for a calming dip, while saunas and steam rooms offer detoxification and relaxation. For those seeking a moment of tranquility, dedicated relaxation lounges provide the perfect setting for meditation or quiet introspection.

An Urban Oasis of Wellness and Revitalization

Elixir Spa & Health Club in Beirut stands as a testament to the city's evolving wellness landscape. It captures the essence of Beirut's unique blend of tradition and modernity, offering residents and visitors a sanctuary where they can retreat, recharge, and rejuvenate. For anyone navigating the bustling streets of Beirut, Elixir Spa & Health Club promises not just a momentary escape but a holistic journey into well-being and luxury.

G Spa Logo

G Spa

Indoor only
Hotel Spa, Medical Spa +1

In Beirut, a city synonymous with history, resilience, and an ever-thriving cultural scene, the G Spa emerges as a beacon of modern luxury and well-being. Situated amid the bustling streets and iconic landmarks of Lebanon's capital, this spa serves as a contemporary oasis, offering a tranquil space where guests can indulge, rejuvenate, and rediscover themselves.

Urban Elegance Meets Tranquil Serenity

Upon entering G Spa, guests are transported from the city's energetic vibe into a realm of peace and luxury. The spa's interiors are a celebration of modern design, with clean lines, sleek surfaces, and a neutral color palette. Accents of gold, marble, and soft textiles provide a touch of opulence, while ambient lighting and delicate fragrances set a soothing mood.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness and Beauty

G Spa's essence lies in its diverse range of treatments that cater to both the body and soul. Drawing inspiration from global spa traditions and using premium, often organic products, each therapy is designed to offer a holistic experience. From deep-tissue massages that relieve muscular tension to luxurious facials that harness the power of nature's finest ingredients, G Spa ensures a tailored experience for every guest. The traditional Lebanese Hammam rituals, which blend ancient practices with modern techniques, are a must-try for those seeking an authentic Middle Eastern spa experience.

Innovative Features for the Modern Guest

G Spa prides itself on staying at the forefront of spa innovation. Apart from classic treatments, the spa offers state-of-the-art features such as cryotherapy sessions, hydrotherapy pools, and Vichy showers. For those seeking beauty enhancements, a dedicated section of the spa offers non-invasive aesthetic treatments, ensuring guests look as radiant as they feel.

Wellness Beyond the Treatment Rooms

Understanding that well-being is a comprehensive journey, G Spa has curated spaces that promote relaxation and self-reflection. An elegant indoor pool area invites guests for a leisurely swim, while the sauna and steam rooms offer detoxification in a serene setting. For fitness aficionados, the spa's state-of-the-art gym provides an opportunity to maintain workout routines even while indulging in spa luxuries.

A Modern Retreat in the Heart of Lebanon's Vibrant Capital

In the heart of Beirut, G Spa stands as a testament to the city's evolving definition of luxury and self-care. It's a space that marries the contemporary with the timeless, offering guests an escape that's as rejuvenating as it is luxurious. For residents and visitors of Beirut, G Spa is not just a destination but an experience, a journey into the finest realms of wellness and modern indulgence.

Gefinor Rotana Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Logo

Gefinor Rotana Bodylines Fitness & Wellness

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

Nestled in the charismatic streets of Beirut, where the modern skyline meets age-old traditions, stands the Gefinor Rotana Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club. As a vital part of the esteemed Gefinor Rotana, this wellness center offers an idyllic blend of fitness and relaxation, serving as an urban retreat for locals and visitors alike.

Harmony of Elegance and Functionality

From the moment one steps into the Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club, it's evident that every detail is designed with the guest's comfort in mind. The decor is a balanced blend of contemporary style and natural elements, with wood and stone features exuding a sense of warmth. Subtle lighting and a neutral color palette further enhance the ambiance, creating a serene environment that contrasts beautifully with the city's hustle and bustle outside.

Tailored Wellness for the Discerning Guest

The club is dedicated to offering a holistic wellness experience tailored to individual needs. From revitalizing facials using premium skincare products to therapeutic massages that draw inspiration from global wellness traditions, every treatment aims to rejuvenate both body and mind. Expert therapists, with their deep knowledge and gentle approach, ensure that each session is a transformative journey towards relaxation and well-being.

State-of-the-Art Fitness for the Active Spirit

Recognizing the importance of physical well-being in today's fast-paced world, Gefinor Rotana Bodylines boasts an impressive fitness center. With its array of cutting-edge equipment, it caters to both casual gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts. Personal trainers are available for bespoke workout sessions, ensuring that each guest receives the guidance they need to achieve their fitness goals.

Refreshing Dips and Rejuvenating Steams

Complementing the spa treatments and fitness offerings is a range of wellness facilities that cater to relaxation and rejuvenation. An inviting swimming pool beckons guests for a refreshing dip, while the sauna and steam rooms provide perfect avenues for detoxification and relaxation.

A Nurturing Community of Wellness

One of the standout features of the Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club is its sense of community. Regular fitness classes, from yoga to aerobics, not only cater to physical well-being but also foster connections among members. The club often hosts wellness workshops and events, establishing itself as a hub for Beirut's growing community of health and wellness enthusiasts.

A Holistic Getaway in the City of Contrasts

In the heart of Beirut, a city known for its dynamic spirit and rich tapestry of cultures, the Gefinor Rotana Bodylines Fitness & Wellness Club stands as a sanctuary of holistic well-being. It embodies the perfect blend of modern luxury and genuine care, offering a space where guests can nurture their body, mind, and soul. For those navigating the vibrant streets of Beirut, the club promises a haven of relaxation, fitness, and community, making it an essential destination in the city's wellness landscape.

180 Eden Bay Fitness and Spa Logo

180 Eden Bay Fitness and Spa

Indoor only
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Amidst the ever-evolving cityscape of Beirut, where modern architecture brushes against historic streets, there's a sanctuary that captures the essence of coastal luxury: the 180 Eden Bay Fitness and Spa. Located within the confines of the prestigious Eden Bay resort, this spa offers an unrivaled wellness experience with the Mediterranean Sea as its stunning backdrop.

Where Modern Sophistication Meets Natural Beauty

Entering the 180 Eden Bay Fitness and Spa is akin to stepping into a realm of contemporary elegance fused with nature's splendor. The interiors, adorned with sleek, modern designs, complement the expansive views of the azure Mediterranean waters. Soft palettes of blues and whites, reminiscent of the sea and sky, create a serene ambiance, while the gentle sound of waves adds a layer of tranquility.

A Symphony of Holistic Treatments

The heart of the spa lies in its diverse menu of wellness offerings curated for the modern traveler. Drawing from the world's best spa traditions and using premium, often locally-sourced ingredients, each treatment promises a journey of rejuvenation. Whether it's a Mediterranean seaweed wrap, a deep tissue massage using aromatic Lebanese herbs, or a facial harnessing the purity of the region's botanicals, guests are assured of an experience that revitalizes both the body and spirit.

State-of-the-Art Fitness with a View

For those keen on maintaining their fitness regimen, the spa doesn't disappoint. The fitness center, equipped with the latest technology, offers a workout experience unlike any other. Panoramic windows provide mesmerizing views of the sea, making each workout session feel like a refreshing coastal retreat. Personal trainers and tailored fitness programs ensure that guests receive the best guidance tailored to their needs.

Relaxation Beyond the Spa Suite

Beyond its treatment rooms, 180 Eden Bay Fitness and Spa offers guests a myriad of relaxation options. The infinity pool, overlooking the sea, beckons for a leisurely dip, while sun loungers provide the perfect spot to soak up the Mediterranean sun. For those seeking deeper relaxation, the steam rooms and saunas promise a detoxifying escape.

A Commitment to Complete Wellness

Understanding the holistic nature of well-being, the spa also places emphasis on mindfulness and relaxation. Spaces dedicated to meditation and yoga, coupled with regular wellness workshops, highlight the spa's commitment to nurturing not just the body, but also the mind and soul.

A Coastal Retreat of Luxury and Well-being

180 Eden Bay Fitness and Spa in Beirut stands as a testament to the city's evolving luxury wellness scene. It offers a coastal retreat where modern luxury meets holistic well-being. For those traversing the vibrant neighborhoods of Beirut, seeking a space to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect, this spa serves as a beacon, offering an experience that is as invigorating as the Mediterranean breeze.

Luxury Spa at Kempinski Beirut Logo

Luxury Spa at Kempinski Beirut

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

In the heart of Beirut, a city renowned for its vibrant mix of history, culture, and modernity, lies an epitome of luxury and relaxation: the Luxury Spa at Kempinski Beirut. Nestled within the grandeur of the Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort, this spa offers a lavish retreat, exemplifying the Kempinski brand's unwavering commitment to exceptional service and unparalleled experiences.

An Ambiance of Regal Tranquility

The moment one steps into the Luxury Spa, it's evident that every aspect has been curated with meticulous attention to detail. The interiors exude a regal charm, blending rich woodwork, marble flooring, and ornate decor to create a setting of unparalleled luxury. Subdued lighting, combined with the soft sounds of calming melodies, sets the stage for a transcendent journey of relaxation.

Global Wellness Traditions Meet Lebanese Essence

The spa prides itself on offering a diverse array of treatments that resonate with global wellness philosophies while infusing the unique essence of Lebanese culture. Traditional Hammam rituals, a staple in Middle Eastern wellness, are given a luxurious twist, ensuring an invigorating experience that purifies both body and soul. Massages, using a blend of aromatic oils sourced from the region's rich flora, promise a sensory escape from the urban hustle. Facials and skincare treatments harness the potency of natural ingredients, delivering radiant results that speak of the spa's commitment to excellence.

State-of-the-Art Amenities for Holistic Well-being

Beyond its signature treatments, the Luxury Spa boasts an array of amenities designed for holistic rejuvenation. A serene indoor pool, adorned with mosaic tiles reflecting the Mediterranean's azure hues, invites guests for a revitalizing dip. The steam rooms and saunas, designed with opulence in mind, offer the perfect detoxifying experience. For fitness enthusiasts, the spa's state-of-the-art gym ensures that wellness goals are met even in the midst of indulgence. Expert trainers and tailored sessions further elevate the fitness experience, making it both effective and enjoyable.

A Culinary Delight to Complement the Experience

Understanding that true well-being is holistic, the Kempinski Beirut doesn't stop at just spa treatments. The resort offers an array of gourmet dining experiences, ensuring guests can savor the finest in Lebanese and international cuisine. Each meal becomes a seamless extension of the spa journey, satiating the senses and nourishing the body.

A Symphony of Opulence and Wellness

The Luxury Spa at Kempinski Beirut is more than just a spa; it's a celebration of luxury, culture, and well-being. In the midst of Beirut's dynamic landscape, it stands as a sanctuary where guests can retreat, seeking solace, rejuvenation, and unmatched luxury. For those who desire an experience that transcends the ordinary, the Luxury Spa promises a journey that is as enriching as it is luxurious.

Radisson Blu Martinez Fitness & Wellness Logo

Radisson Blu Martinez Fitness & Wellness

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Amidst the bustling streets and vibrant mosaic of Beirut, a city that effortlessly marries its rich past with a dynamic present, stands a beacon of contemporary luxury and relaxation: the Fitness & Wellness Center at Radisson Blu Martinez. As an integral part of the renowned Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel, this wellness facility provides both travelers and locals a space where urban elegance meets holistic self-care.

Modern Elegance in Every Detail

From the first step into the Fitness & Wellness Center, guests are greeted by a serene ambiance that spells modern sophistication. The sleek interiors, with their minimalist design and refined finishes, exude a sense of understated luxury. Soft ambient lighting paired with muted color palettes creates a calming environment, setting the tone for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Holistic Wellness Inspired by Global Practices

At the core of the center's offerings is a comprehensive approach to well-being that draws inspiration from global wellness traditions. Guests can indulge in a range of therapeutic massages, from deep tissue sessions that alleviate muscular tension to aromatherapy massages that use a blend of essential oils to soothe the mind and body. Signature treatments, which fuse Western techniques with Middle Eastern elements, promise a unique wellness journey. Think rejuvenating facials that harness the nourishing properties of Lebanese botanicals or body scrubs infused with regional herbs and minerals.

State-of-the-Art Fitness for the Active Soul

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, the Radisson Blu Martinez Fitness & Wellness Center boasts a modern fitness suite. Equipped with the latest cardiovascular and strength-training machinery, it caters to both seasoned fitness enthusiasts and novices. Personal training sessions and group classes, ranging from aerobics to yoga, ensure a tailored fitness experience for every guest.

Relaxation Beyond the Treatment Room

The spa experience doesn't end with treatments. The center has been designed to offer guests multiple avenues for relaxation. A pristine indoor pool provides the perfect environment for a leisurely swim, while the sauna and steam rooms offer avenues for deep relaxation and detoxification.

Culinary Delights to Complete the Journey

To complement the spa and fitness offerings, guests can explore the culinary delights of the Radisson Blu Martinez. From authentic Lebanese cuisine to international gourmet dishes, the hotel's restaurants promise a gastronomic journey that nourishes the body and delights the palate.

A Contemporary Oasis of Calm in the Lebanese Capital

In a city as vibrant and diverse as Beirut, the Radisson Blu Martinez Fitness & Wellness Center stands out as a modern sanctuary of relaxation and health. It offers a space where guests can momentarily retreat from the city's energy, indulging in experiences that cater to the body, mind, and soul. Whether you're a traveler seeking a respite from sightseeing or a local in need of a luxurious escape, this center promises a journey of holistic well-being amidst the heart of Beirut.

Saifi Suites Spa & Gym Logo

Saifi Suites Spa & Gym

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Nestled in the artistic and cultural quarter of Beirut, where art galleries, chic boutiques, and historic landmarks coalesce, Saifi Suites Spa & Gym emerges as a symbol of modern rejuvenation amidst an ambiance steeped in history. Part of the sophisticated Saifi Suites Hotel, this wellness hub promises an urban retreat for travelers and locals, striking a perfect balance between luxury and well-being.

Sophisticated Minimalism Meets Warmth

The design ethos of Saifi Suites Spa & Gym is unmistakably contemporary, yet it exudes a warmth that's inviting. The spa embraces a minimalist approach, with clean lines, muted palettes, and strategically placed lighting to create an atmosphere of serenity. Elegant wood accents and plush furnishings add a touch of luxury, ensuring guests are ensconced in comfort from the moment they step in.

Wellness Journey with a Global Touch

At the heart of the spa's allure is a curated array of treatments designed to cater to the holistic well-being of guests. Drawing inspiration from global spa traditions, from the deep-tissue massages of the West to the aromatic oil therapies of the East, each session aims to transport guests on a journey of sensory bliss. Particular emphasis is placed on incorporating the rich wellness traditions of the Levant. Hammam rituals, a staple of Middle Eastern wellness, are offered with a modern twist, ensuring an authentic yet contemporary experience.

Elevate Your Fitness Game

For those who consider fitness an integral part of their wellness journey, the Saifi Suites Spa & Gym boasts a state-of-the-art gymnasium. Equipped with the latest in cardio and strength-training machinery, it provides an ideal space for guests to maintain or kick-start their fitness routines. Personal trainers, specialized classes, and tailored workout regimes add to the gym's comprehensive offerings.

Relax, Renew, Refresh

Beyond its treatments and fitness facilities, Saifi Suites Spa & Gym offers dedicated spaces for relaxation. Guests can unwind in the spa's serene relaxation areas, detoxify in the modern steam rooms, or take a rejuvenating dip in the spa's pool. Every aspect, from the ambiance to the amenities, is designed with the guest's relaxation in mind.

A Modern Sanctuary in Lebanon's Cultural Hub

In the culturally rich landscape of Beirut, Saifi Suites Spa & Gym stands out as a beacon of modern wellness. It offers an oasis where guests can escape the city's hustle, delving into experiences that soothe the body, calm the mind, and uplift the spirit. Whether you're a traveler looking to unwind after exploring Beirut or a local seeking a luxurious escape, Saifi Suites Spa & Gym promises a rendezvous with relaxation and rejuvenation.

SPA Phoenicia Logo

SPA Phoenicia

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

In the ever-resplendent cityscape of Beirut, a metropolis that carries tales of ancient civilizations and modern-day vibrancy, the SPA Phoenicia emerges as an oasis of tranquility and luxury. Nestled within the iconic Phoenicia Hotel, an emblem of Lebanese grandeur, this spa offers a respite that marries the legacy of the Levant with contemporary opulence.

A Sanctuary of Elegance and Heritage

The ambiance of SPA Phoenicia is a testament to its storied legacy. As guests step through its majestic doors, they are enveloped by a milieu that weaves together contemporary chic with nods to Lebanon's rich heritage. Lush fabrics, marble inlays, and intricate design elements coalesce, setting a stage for unparalleled relaxation amidst an aura of timeless elegance.

Holistic Wellness: A Tapestry of Traditions

The essence of SPA Phoenicia lies in its holistic approach to well-being. Drawing inspiration from the world's ancient spa cultures, from the balneal rituals of Rome to the hammams of the Middle East, the spa offers a journey that transcends borders. Treatments are crafted using an array of natural ingredients, sourced both locally and globally. Whether it's a deep-tissue massage with aromatic Lebanese herbs or a revitalizing facial harnessing the potency of Dead Sea minerals, each therapy is designed to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.

Cutting-Edge Facilities in a Regal Setting

While SPA Phoenicia prides itself on its traditional therapies, it doesn't compromise on modern luxury. Guests can indulge in a range of state-of-the-art facilities, from temperature-controlled pools offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean to saunas and steam rooms designed for ultimate detoxification. The fitness center, boasting the latest equipment and expert trainers, ensures that the wellness needs of the modern traveler are met with finesse.

Beyond Wellness: A Culinary Odyssey

Complementing the spa experience, the Phoenicia Hotel offers an array of gastronomic delights that promise to tantalize the senses. Guests can embark on a culinary journey, savoring the finest Lebanese dishes crafted with a contemporary twist. Each morsel, infused with local flavors and ingredients, serves as an extension of the spa's commitment to holistic well-being.

A Timeless Journey Amidst the Heart of Lebanon's Capital

SPA Phoenicia stands as a beacon of luxury and relaxation in the heart of Beirut. It offers a sanctuary where the tales of ancient civilizations echo amidst modern indulgences, promising guests a journey that is as enriching as it is relaxing. For those wandering the vibrant lanes of Beirut and seeking a momentary escape into a world of luxury and heritage, SPA Phoenicia beckons with open arms, promising an experience that lingers long after the journey concludes.

The Spa at Four Seasons Logo

The Spa at Four Seasons

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

Amidst Beirut's mesmerizing skyline, where ancient allure meets urban sophistication, stands a haven of unparalleled luxury: The Spa at Four Seasons. Situated within the Four Seasons Hotel, an emblem of world-class hospitality, this spa extends an invitation to dive deep into the realms of opulence and rejuvenation in the heart of Lebanon's illustrious capital.

Serenity Meets Modern Elegance

As guests step into The Spa at Four Seasons, they are welcomed by a sanctuary that exudes calm and contemporary elegance. Every detail, from the intricately laid marble floors to the softly illuminated water features, speaks of luxury. The subtle color palette, punctuated with shimmering gold accents, transports guests into a world of serenity, away from the city's bustling vibrancy.

A Global Mélange of Wellness Traditions

Rooted in its commitment to holistic well-being, the spa curates a myriad of treatments that journey across global wellness traditions. Whether it's the ancient techniques of Shiatsu, the healing touch of Swedish massage, or the invigorating experience of a traditional Middle Eastern Hammam, guests are assured a bespoke experience tailored to their needs. The spa's offerings do not end with massages and facials. Body scrubs using Dead Sea salts, mud wraps imbued with the essence of Lebanese herbs, and holistic therapies such as reflexology further amplify the extensive wellness menu.

Pinnacle of Modern Amenities

In line with the Four Seasons' ethos of providing unrivaled luxury, the spa boasts a plethora of state-of-the-art amenities. An azure rooftop pool offers panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, making for a delightful post-spa relaxation spot. The modern steam rooms, saunas, and whirlpools provide avenues for detoxification and relaxation, ensuring a comprehensive spa journey. For the fitness aficionado, the spa's cutting-edge gym, equipped with the latest technology, ensures that wellness routines are maintained even while indulging in the lap of luxury.

Culinary Indulgence for the Soul

To round off the exquisite spa experience, the Four Seasons Hotel offers an array of gastronomic treasures. Guests can satiate their palates with gourmet Lebanese dishes, Mediterranean delights, or international cuisines, ensuring that the rejuvenation extends to the senses of taste and aroma.

A Luxurious Escape in the Jewel of the Mediterranean

The Spa at Four Seasons in Beirut is not just a destination; it's an experience, an odyssey of luxury, and well-being. Every element, from the treatments to the ambiance, is curated to provide guests with moments of unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation. For those meandering through the dynamic streets of Beirut, seeking an oasis of calm and luxury, The Spa at Four Seasons promises a journey that will resonate with the soul, long after the sun sets on the Mediterranean horizon.

Royal Eden Spa Logo

Royal Eden Spa

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

In the heart of Beirut, a city that has gracefully weathered the sands of time and emerged as a vibrant blend of history and modernity, lies an epitome of luxury and rejuvenation: the Royal Eden Spa. Nestled within the city's elite precincts, this spa offers a sanctuary where the age-old traditions of Lebanese wellness meet the grandeur of royal indulgence.

A Palatial Retreat of Elegance

The moment guests step through the doors of the Royal Eden Spa, they are ushered into a world reminiscent of a royal palace. Majestic archways, intricate mosaic tiles, and lavish furnishings set against a backdrop of rich, warm hues immediately evoke feelings of opulence. Every corner, every detail, whispers tales of luxury, ensuring an ambiance that is both grand and inviting.

Wellness Traditions Steeped in Authenticity

At its core, the Royal Eden Spa is a tribute to the timeless wellness traditions of Lebanon and the broader Middle East. Hammam rituals, a staple in Levantine culture, take center stage, offering guests an authentic experience of cleansing and renewal. These traditional rituals are complemented by a suite of treatments that utilize indigenous herbs, aromatic oils, and natural minerals, promising holistic rejuvenation. From massages that soothe tired muscles to facials that breathe life into the skin, each therapy at the Royal Eden Spa is curated to offer guests a slice of Lebanese luxury.

Modern Amenities Meet Traditional Charm

While the spa prides itself on its authentic offerings, it doesn't shy away from modern luxury. Guests can indulge in state-of-the-art facilities such as hydrotherapy pools, infrared saunas, and temperature-controlled relaxation zones. The fusion of modern amenities with traditional charm ensures that guests experience the best of both worlds.

A Culinary Extension of the Spa Experience

To further enhance the wellness journey, Royal Eden Spa ensures that guests can indulge in a culinary voyage that is as regal as their spa experience. Lebanese gastronomy, known for its rich flavors and age-old recipes, is given a contemporary twist. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients are transformed into gourmet dishes, ensuring that guests' palates are treated to a royal feast.

Embark on a Regal Journey of Serenity and Splendor

In a city that is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and modern vibes, the Royal Eden Spa in Beirut stands as a testament to Lebanese luxury. It offers a sanctuary where every treatment is a regal affair, every amenity speaks of opulence, and every moment is a celebration of Lebanese grandeur. For those traversing the vibrant streets of Beirut, seeking an oasis of calm and luxury, the Royal Eden Spa promises a journey that is as enriching as it is splendid.

Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel Wellness Logo

Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel Wellness

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Amidst the rich tapestry of Beirut's landscapes, where centuries-old heritage meets modern vibrancy, the Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel Wellness stands as a luxurious testament to world-class hospitality and refined well-being. As an integral facet of the esteemed Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel, this wellness center elegantly marries French art de vivre with Lebanese warmth, offering guests an unparalleled sanctuary in the city's heart.

Chic Interiors with a Whisper of Tradition

The charm of Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel Wellness lies in its harmonious balance of contemporary elegance and a nod to tradition. Upon entering, guests are greeted with chic interiors, adorned with sumptuous fabrics, sleek marble, and ornate fixtures that exude French sophistication. Yet, subtly woven into this modern ambiance are traces of Lebanese craftsmanship, reminding guests of the city's rich heritage.

A Tapestry of Holistic Treatments

The spa's ethos is rooted in holistic wellness, offering a myriad of treatments that cater to both body and spirit. While the spa boasts globally-renowned therapies, what truly sets it apart is its seamless blend of Western techniques with Middle Eastern traditions. Guests can indulge in luxurious massages infused with aromatic Lebanese oils, rejuvenate through age-old Hammam rituals, or seek tranquility with therapies that harness the essence of the Mediterranean.

Fitness Meets Luxury

Understanding the modern traveler's needs, Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel Wellness also presents a top-notch fitness center. This state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest machinery, provides a lavish backdrop for guests to continue their fitness journey. Personalized training sessions, led by expert trainers, elevate the experience, ensuring every guest leaves feeling revitalized.

An Oasis of Relaxation

Beyond the curated treatments, the wellness center beckons guests to immerse themselves in its relaxation zones. Whether it's unwinding in the tranquil ambiance of the relaxation rooms, detoxifying in the plush steam chambers, or taking a leisurely dip in the spa's azure pool, every corner of the facility promises serenity.

Gastronomic Delights for the Well-being Enthusiast

In line with the Sofitel brand's commitment to indulgent experiences, guests can complement their spa sojourn with gourmet delights. The hotel’s culinary offerings, crafted with a blend of French culinary expertise and Lebanese flavors, ensure that the wellness journey extends to the palate.

A French Elegance in Beirut's Heart

Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel Wellness is more than just a spa; it's a holistic journey that celebrates the confluence of cultures, luxury, and well-being. In the bustling heart of Beirut, it offers a serene cocoon where guests can retreat, rejuvenate, and revel in world-class luxury. For those seeking an experience that echoes both the sophistication of France and the soul of Lebanon, this wellness center promises a rendezvous with unmatched elegance and serenity.

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