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Spa Soul at The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul

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The renowned Ritz-Carlton brand has always been synonymous with unrivaled luxury, and its outpost in Istanbul's chic Şişli district is no exception. Nestled within this sophisticated haven, with panoramic views of the glittering Bosphorus, lies a true jewel of tranquillity: Spa Soul.

A Symphony of Elegance and Serenity

The ambiance at Spa Soul instantly captivates. Guests are greeted with an amalgamation of Ottoman-inspired architecture, harmoniously fused with contemporary design elements. Each space is adorned with intricate motifs, plush furnishings, and ambient lighting, creating a cocoon of luxury and calm.

Journey through the Legendary Hammam

In the heart of Spa Soul, the traditional Turkish hammam takes center stage. This ancient ritual, cherished for centuries, has been elevated to an art form here. Marbled walls, soft steam, and delicate fragrances set the scene. Guests are treated to an elaborate sequence of cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging, ensuring a profound sense of renewal that resonates deep within.

A Global Palette of Therapies

Venturing beyond the local, Spa Soul's menu is an ode to global wellness traditions. Whether one is drawn to the rhythmic kneading of a Swedish massage, the holistic allure of Ayurveda, or the rejuvenating touch of a deep tissue therapy, there's a world of experiences awaiting discovery. Each therapy, under the adept hands of the spa's therapists, becomes a journey unto itself.

Rejuvenation Beyond the Treatment Rooms

Spa Soul firmly believes in holistic wellness. This philosophy extends to its well-appointed facilities, which include a shimmering indoor pool that invites guests for a restorative dip. For those keen on maintaining their fitness routine, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, complete with personal trainers and panoramic city views, offers a motivating setting.

Culinary Wellness Delights

Wellness at Spa Soul isn't limited to treatments and physical exercises. Understanding the intrinsic link between nourishment and well-being, the spa boasts a bespoke menu of health-infused delicacies. Freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas, and light gourmet dishes ensure that the journey of rejuvenation is all-encompassing.

A Beacon of Wellness Amidst the Historic Charm of Şişli

In the bustling heart of Şişli, Spa Soul at The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul stands as a sanctuary of calm and luxury. With its impeccable service, diverse range of therapies, and unwavering attention to detail, the spa promises a retreat that's both deeply Turkish in its essence and universally lavish in its offerings. It's more than just a spa—it's where the storied past of Istanbul and the sophisticated luxuries of today converge to offer a truly transformative experience.

Qualitasspa at Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent Logo

Qualitasspa at Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

In the bustling heart of Şişli, a district known for its modern skyscrapers and ancient landmarks, lies an oasis of tranquillity that promises a departure from the urban rush: the Qualitasspa at Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent. This wellness sanctuary embodies the essence of luxury, sophistication, and rejuvenation, all wrapped in a setting that exudes Turkish opulence.

First Impressions: Elegance Meets Serenity

As you step into the Qualitasspa, the world outside seems to melt away. The space captivates with its harmonious balance of contemporary aesthetics and traditional Turkish design elements. Ambient lighting, soft music, and the subtle aroma of essential oils set the mood for an unparalleled spa journey.

An Authentic Hammam Experience

Central to the Qualitasspa's offerings is the traditional Turkish hammam—a ritual steeped in history and renowned for its rejuvenating properties. Under the dome of its beautifully adorned steam room, guests can immerse themselves in a luxurious routine of deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and nurturing massages, all of which come together to revitalize both the body and the spirit.

Diverse Therapies for Holistic Wellness

Beyond the hammam, Qualitasspa offers an extensive menu of treatments inspired by global wellness traditions. From deep tissue massages that soothe aching muscles to skin-brightening facials using nature's finest ingredients, there's something for every wellness seeker. Each session is meticulously curated to cater to the unique needs of the individual, ensuring a bespoke spa experience.

A Sanctuary of Pools and Relaxation

Complementing its range of treatments, the spa boasts an impressive aquatic zone. The shimmering indoor pool, with its azure waters, offers solace to those seeking a tranquil swim. For a more invigorating experience, the hydrotherapy pool, with its targeted water jets, promises to melt away stress and tension.

Fitness and Vitality

Understanding the modern traveler's need to stay fit, Qualitasspa also houses a state-of-the-art fitness center. Here, guests can benefit from a range of cardio and strength-training equipment, personal training sessions, and group classes—all designed to elevate the wellness journey.

Gastronomic Delights to Nourish the Soul

To round off the spa experience, Qualitasspa presents a delightful wellness-centric menu. Guests can indulge in a variety of organic juices, herbal infusions, and light gourmet dishes, all crafted to enhance the holistic wellness journey.

The Pinnacle of Urban Wellness in Şişli

Qualitasspa at Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent is not merely a spa—it's a realm where the age-old wellness traditions of Turkey meet the modern luxuries of the contemporary world. Every corner of this sanctuary speaks of dedication to well-being, making it an essential stop for those traversing the vibrant lanes of Şişli. Whether you're a weary traveler seeking solace or a local in need of an urban escape, Qualitasspa promises a retreat that rejuvenates, refreshes, and renews.

Sentinus Wellness Spa at Hilton Bosphorus Logo

Sentinus Wellness Spa at Hilton Bosphorus

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Perched elegantly alongside the world-famous Bosphorus Strait, within the walls of Hilton Bosphorus in Şişli, lies a realm of unparalleled relaxation: the Sentinus Wellness Spa. Here, the timeless allure of the Bosphorus melds with world-class spa treatments, crafting an experience that rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul.

Setting the Scene: Luxurious Serenity with a View

The first thing that captures the heart at Sentinus Wellness Spa is its magnificent setting. Large, panoramic windows afford guests breathtaking views of the azure Bosphorus waters, where East meets West, and the enchanting Istanbul skyline. This visual treat sets a serene backdrop for a spa experience that's steeped in luxury and tranquility.

Celebrating the Time-Honored Hammam

Staying true to Turkey's rich spa traditions, Sentinus boasts an exquisite hammam. Within its marbled walls, guests can immerse themselves in the age-old rituals of steaming, scrubbing, and relaxation. The expert therapists at Sentinus employ traditional techniques, using black soap and kessa gloves, ensuring an authentic and invigorating hammam experience.

World-Class Therapies: A Global Embrace

Beyond its Turkish roots, Sentinus Wellness Spa showcases a variety of treatments from across the globe. Whether it's a deep-tissue massage, inspired by Western techniques, or an Ayurvedic therapy drawing from Indian traditions, the spa ensures a holistic approach to wellness. Highly trained therapists, using premium products, cater to individual needs, promising a bespoke spa journey for every guest.

Fitness Overlooking the Bosphorus

For those who wish to complement their relaxation with invigoration, the fitness center at Sentinus stands ready. State-of-the-art equipment, along with tailored fitness sessions, ensure that guests can maintain their workout regimes even while on vacation. The highlight? Exercising with the mesmerizing Bosphorus playing in the background.

Gastronomic Delights for the Wellness Traveler

Sentinus Wellness Spa recognizes that wellness extends beyond treatments. The spa's nutrition corner offers a selection of health-focused beverages, snacks, and meals. Infused with locally-sourced ingredients and a touch of gourmet creativity, these culinary offerings are both delicious and nourishing, completing the circle of holistic well-being.

A Journey of Luxury Along the Iconic Strait

Sentinus Wellness Spa at Hilton Bosphorus is not just a destination—it's an experience, a journey that promises both deep relaxation and invigoration. Its unique location, overlooking the iconic Bosphorus, adds an element of magic to the spa sojourn. Whether one is seeking a slice of Turkish spa tradition or a global wellness experience, Sentinus stands as a symbol of luxury and well-being in the heart of Şişli.

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