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Thermen Dilbeek

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Located in the verdant municipality of Dilbeek, just a whisper away from the capital city of Brussels, Thermen Dilbeek stands as a luxurious beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation. Designed to offer a complete sensory experience, this spa encapsulates the true essence of Belgian wellness tradition combined with modern luxuries.

Architectural Beauty and Design

Thermen Dilbeek's architecture subtly interweaves Belgian charm with contemporary design elements. Large, panoramic windows allow natural light to stream in, offering guests views of the tranquil, landscaped gardens outside, while inside, the spacious, open design of the spa ensures that every corner speaks of tranquility and elegance.

Holistic Treatments for Mind and Body

The treatments at Thermen Dilbeek are meticulously curated, providing a wide spectrum of options tailored to individual needs. Whether it's a deep tissue massage to unknot tense muscles or a gentle facial designed to invigorate the skin, the experienced therapists use only the finest products, ensuring that every treatment rejuvenates both the body and the soul.

An Array of Saunas and Steam Rooms

One of the standout features of Thermen Dilbeek is its diverse range of saunas and steam rooms. Guests can choose from traditional Finnish saunas, infrared cabins, or the aromatic steam baths. Each sauna offers a unique ambiance and experience, from gentle heat to invigorating steam, ensuring that guests can find the perfect space to unwind.

Refresh and Dive In

The spa's swimming pools are another of its highlights. Heated to the perfect temperature, these pools are ideal for a leisurely swim or for simply floating and letting the water's buoyancy soothe tired muscles. Surrounded by loungers and with a view of the serene gardens, it's an idyllic space to relax post-treatment.

Culinary Delights

No wellness journey is complete without nourishing the palate. Thermen Dilbeek's in-house restaurant caters to this very aspect, offering a menu that is both healthy and delectable. From fresh salads and gourmet sandwiches to heartier Belgian classics, there's a dish to satisfy every craving.

A Belgian Oasis of Wellness and Luxury

Thermen Dilbeek is not just a spa—it's a destination. Every element, from its design to its treatments, is crafted to ensure guests embark on a holistic journey of relaxation. In the heart of Belgium, amidst the picturesque setting of Dilbeek, this spa offers a retreat that is both intimate and luxurious, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a slice of Belgian wellness.

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Waer Waters

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Nestled in the picturesque municipality of Dilbeek, a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Brussels, Waer Waters Spa emerges as a haven of unparalleled luxury and tranquility. It's not just a spa; it's a destination where the ancient art of wellness meets contemporary luxury, offering guests an immersive journey that revitalizes the body, mind, and soul.

An Oasis of Calm and Design

Upon entering Waer Waters, one is immediately struck by the facility's harmonious blend of modern architecture and natural elements. The vast expanse of glass, combined with earthy tones and raw materials, creates a soothing ambiance. This design ethos mirrors the spa's philosophy: a seamless integration of nature, wellness, and luxury.

Bespoke Wellness Journeys

The heart of Waer Waters lies in its curated array of treatments. From the deeply therapeutic hot stone massages to the refreshing aromatherapy sessions, each treatment is tailored to provide a unique healing experience. Expert therapists, using a blend of age-old techniques and contemporary practices, ensure that guests leave feeling rejuvenated.

A Symphony of Saunas

Waer Waters boasts an impressive range of saunas, each designed to cater to individual preferences. Whether it's the gentle embrace of the bio sauna, the deep heat of the Finnish variant, or the aromatic environs of the herbal sauna, there's an experience waiting to melt away the stresses of modern life.

Water - The Source of Rejuvenation

True to its name, water plays a pivotal role at Waer Waters. The spa features multiple pools, each maintained at different temperatures to cater to various therapeutic needs. There's nothing quite like the sensation of drifting in these tranquil waters, with the outside world fading into oblivion.

Gastronomic Wellness

No holistic wellness experience is complete without addressing the palate. Waer Waters hosts a gourmet restaurant that crafts culinary masterpieces designed to nourish both the body and soul. With a focus on organic and locally-sourced ingredients, every dish promises a feast of flavors and health.

A Belgian Sanctum of Serenity

Waer Waters Spa in Dilbeek stands as a testament to Belgium's commitment to pioneering wellness experiences that cater to the discerning traveler. It's a place where every detail, from the ambiance to the treatments, is meticulously crafted to ensure a journey of unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation. For those in search of a genuine escape in the heart of Belgium, Waer Waters promises a retreat that lingers in the memory long after the visit concludes.

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Aqua Heaven

Indoor & Outdoor
Day Spa

In the bustling heart of Vilvoorde, Belgium, lies an unexpected sanctuary dedicated to relaxation, wellness, and the transcendent beauty of water: Aqua Heaven. Drawing visitors from near and far, this exquisite spa promises a rejuvenating escape from the rigors of daily life.

The Allure of Aqua

The first sensation that strikes you as you enter Aqua Heaven is the soothing sound of water. Cascading fountains, gentle ripples in the pools, and the distant echo of waterfalls envelop the senses, emphasizing the spa's commitment to the healing powers of this vital element. The interiors mirror the allure of pristine water bodies, with hues of tranquil blues and whites setting the tone for relaxation.

A Spectrum of Pools and Saunas

Aqua Heaven's pride lies in its diverse range of aquatic facilities. With several pools maintained at varying temperatures, visitors can embark on a journey of hydrotherapy, moving from lukewarm baths that relax the muscles to cooler ones that invigorate the body and mind. For those who seek warmth, the steam baths, suffused with aromatic herbs, provide a cocoon of moisture and fragrance, detoxifying the skin and alleviating respiratory issues.

Further, the spa's saunas, ranging from the traditional Finnish variety to the infrared ones, promise deep relaxation, enhanced circulation, and a gentle, natural detoxification process.

Treatment Rooms: Personalized Indulgence

Aqua Heaven's treatment rooms are an epitome of luxury. Whether you opt for a deep tissue massage, a skin-nourishing facial, or a body scrub infused with marine minerals, every treatment is designed to cater to individual needs, ensuring holistic rejuvenation. The therapists, with their expert touch and knowledge of global spa techniques, further elevate the experience, leaving guests feeling cherished and revitalized.

Gastronomic Delights

A holistic wellness experience is incomplete without nourishing the palate. Aqua Heaven's in-house café and restaurant serve a curated menu of fresh, organic, and delectable dishes and beverages. Drawing inspiration from global and local cuisines, every dish complements the spa's wellness ethos.

A Retreat Within Reach

One of Aqua Heaven's striking features is its accessibility. Despite offering a world-class spa experience, it remains a retreat that's within reach of both locals and visitors, making luxury wellness an everyday possibility.

An Ethereal Oasis of Serenity and Well-being

Aqua Heaven, Vilvoorde, isn't just a spa; it's a realm where the stresses of daily life dissolve in the embrace of water, warmth, and expert care. In this Belgian haven, every visitor experiences a touch of heaven on earth.

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Thermae Boetfort

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Steenokkerzeel, a mere stone's throw from Belgium's bustling capital, stands an emblem of history, luxury, and wellness: Thermae Boetfort Spa. This sanctuary, set within the confines of a centuries-old castle, is more than just a spa. It's a voyage through time, seamlessly blending the past's architectural grandeur with the present's wellness ethos.

A Castle of Calm and Elegance

Thermae Boetfort Spa's unique selling point is undeniably its setting. The castle, with its red-bricked façade, towering turrets, and expansive grounds, transports guests to a bygone era. Yet, within its historic walls lie modern facilities designed to pamper, soothe, and rejuvenate.

Holistic Treatments in Historic Settings

The spa offers an extensive range of treatments, from therapeutic massages that melt away stress, to revitalizing facials that give the skin a radiant glow. There's a special charm in receiving a contemporary spa treatment amidst the historic settings, with stone walls and wooden beams overhead, offering an ambiance unlike any other.

Thermal Pools and Saunas: Wellness Amidst Nature

One of Thermae Boetfort Spa's highlights is its thermal pools. Located outdoors, these pools harness naturally heated spring water, offering therapeutic benefits that go beyond relaxation. As one sinks into the warm embrace of the waters, with the castle as a backdrop and nature all around, the experience becomes transcendent.

Further enhancing the wellness journey are the saunas, each uniquely themed. From traditional Finnish saunas to those infused with aromatic herbs, there's a steamy retreat for every preference.

Dining and Relaxation: A Feast for the Senses

Beyond the spa treatments and facilities, Thermae Boetfort ensures guests are treated to culinary delights. The on-site restaurant crafts dishes that are both wholesome and delicious, often using locally-sourced ingredients. After a meal, guests can relax in the relaxation rooms, each thoughtfully designed to offer panoramic views of the castle grounds.

A Historical Retreat of Rejuvenation

Thermae Boetfort Spa in Steenokkerzeel is a testament to the idea that history and luxury can coexist. Here, the weight of centuries mingles with the ephemeral joys of wellness, creating an experience that's both grounding and elevating. For those seeking a spa retreat that offers more than just treatments, that tells a story, and that pampers both the body and the soul, Thermae Boetfort stands unparalleled.

Spa at Thermen Londerzeel Logo

Spa at Thermen Londerzeel

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Thermal Spa

Nestled in the picturesque town of Londerzeel, Belgium, the Thermen Londerzeel Spa Hotel stands as a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation. This luxurious establishment offers guests an unparalleled spa experience, combining the best of traditional wellness practices with modern amenities.

A Dive into Serenity: The Spa Experience

Thermen Londerzeel boasts a spa center that is nothing short of spectacular. Imagine immersing yourself in an outdoor swimming pool, heated to a cozy 32°C, allowing the stress to melt away. And for those who prefer a more intimate experience, there's a year-round outdoor pool, ensuring that guests can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water, come rain or shine.

Beyond the Pools: A World of Wellness

But the spa experience doesn't end with the pools. Guests can indulge in a variety of saunas, jacuzzis, and both warm and cold pools. The spa also offers a range of massages and beauty treatments, ensuring that every visitor leaves feeling revitalized and refreshed. The attention to detail is evident, from the availability of bathrobes and towels to the thoughtful inclusion of amenities like salt for the hammam, shampoo, and soap.

Stay in Style: Luxurious Accommodations

The Thermen Londerzeel Hotel ensures that the relaxation doesn't end once you step out of the spa. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV, satellite channels, and a seating area, perfect for unwinding after a day of pampering. But perhaps the pièce de résistance is the luxurious bathroom, complete with a TV, bathrobes, complimentary toiletries, and hairdryers. It's clear that every aspect of the guest experience has been meticulously planned and executed.

Gastronomic Delights: Dine in Elegance

No spa experience would be complete without indulging in some culinary delights. The hotel's restaurant promises a gastronomic journey that complements the wellness offerings. Whether you're in the mood for a light snack or a hearty meal, the menu is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Location: The Best of Both Worlds

Located just 21 km from Brussels and 20 km from Antwerp, Thermen Londerzeel offers the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Yet, its proximity to these urban centers means that guests can easily explore the cultural and historical offerings of both cities.

A Belgian Luxurious Oasis

In conclusion, Thermen Londerzeel Spa Hotel is more than just a place to relax; it's a destination. Whether you're a wellness enthusiast or simply looking for a break from the daily grind, this spa hotel promises an experience that will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed, and eager to return.

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