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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Colchester, Peake Spa offers a serene oasis away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. As part of the renowned Stoke by Nayland Resort, this spa is set against a backdrop of lush greenery and tranquil parklands, providing the perfect environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

At Peake Spa, wellness is not just skin deep. The spa believes in a holistic approach, ensuring that every guest experiences a harmonious balance of mind, body, and soul. From traditional massages and facials to specialized therapies, each treatment is designed to cater to individual needs, ensuring a bespoke spa experience for every visitor.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

While the surroundings exude timeless charm, the facilities at Peake Spa are nothing short of modern. Guests can indulge in a range of spa poolside amenities, including an 18-metre indoor heated pool, steam room, sanarium, Jacuzzi, and a unique concept shower. Whether you're looking to take a refreshing dip or simply relax by the poolside, the spa offers a plethora of options to choose from.

Indulge in Unique Treatments

One of the standout features of Peake Spa is its array of unique treatments. The Himalayan salt room sauna, for instance, offers therapeutic halotherapy, known for its myriad health benefits. From detoxifying the body to enhancing respiratory health, this special treatment promises a revitalizing experience.

Fitness and Relaxation Combined

For those who like to combine relaxation with physical activity, Peake Spa has got you covered. Central to the spa is an 18.3-metre indoor swimming pool, maintained at a comfortable 29 degrees. It's perfect for both avid swimmers and casual dippers. Moreover, with specific children's swimming times, the spa ensures that all guests can enjoy the pool in a setting they find most relaxing.

Dining at the Resort

After a day of pampering, guests can head to the Stoke by Nayland Resort's restaurant to satiate their culinary cravings. With a focus on fresh, local produce, the restaurant promises a gastronomic delight that perfectly complements the spa experience.

A Tranquil Retreat in the Countryside

Peake Spa in Colchester is not just a place to relax; it's a destination. With its blend of traditional charm and modern amenities, it promises a spa experience like no other. Whether you're a local looking for a day of pampering or a visitor seeking a luxurious retreat, Peake Spa offers an experience that is sure to leave you refreshed, revitalized, and eager to return.

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Bannatyne Kingsford Park

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Club Spa

Nestled within a magnificent Georgian building, Bannatyne Kingsford Park in Colchester stands as a testament to timeless elegance combined with contemporary luxury. This health club and spa, set against the backdrop of extensive lawns and a beautiful parkland setting, offers more than just relaxation—it promises a holistic experience that caters to both the body and the soul.

Cutting-Edge Fitness Facilities

Bannatyne Kingsford Park isn't just about unwinding; it's a comprehensive wellness destination. The health club is equipped with the latest in fitness technology, ensuring that guests have access to top-tier equipment. From Technogym SKILLROWs, Wattbikes, to the SKILLMILL and the specialized functional training zone with Omnia 3, fitness enthusiasts of all levels will find something tailored to their needs.

Spa Treatments to Revitalize Your Senses

The spa at Kingsford Park is where relaxation meets rejuvenation. With a diverse range of treatments on offer, guests can indulge in therapies that soothe the mind and invigorate the body. The spa's emphasis on personalized care ensures that each guest receives treatments tailored to their specific needs. And for those seeking something truly unique, the therapeutic Himalayan salt room sauna is a must-try. Known for its calming and detoxifying properties, halotherapy offers benefits for respiratory conditions, skin ailments, and even mental well-being.

Dining Delights at the Doorstep

After a session of pampering or an invigorating workout, guests can indulge their culinary senses at the on-site restaurant. With a focus on fresh, local ingredients, the restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that perfectly complements the wellness journey. Whether it's a light snack post-workout or a gourmet meal to end the day, the dining options at Kingsford Park promise to tantalize the taste buds.

More Than Just a Spa Experience

What sets Bannatyne Kingsford Park apart is its commitment to offering a 360° holistic approach to well-being. From state-of-the-art gym equipment to luxurious spa treatments, and from gourmet dining to social events, every aspect of the guest experience has been thoughtfully curated. The club's location on Layer Road in Colchester, combined with its extensive facilities, makes it a sought-after destination for locals and visitors alike.

A Luxurious Oasis in Colchester

Bannatyne Kingsford Park in Colchester is not just a spa; it's a destination where every element, from the historic architecture to the modern amenities, comes together to offer an unparalleled experience. Whether you're a resident of Colchester or a visitor, a day at Bannatyne Kingsford Park promises relaxation, rejuvenation, and a touch of luxury that will linger long after you leave. If you're seeking an oasis of calm in the heart of Colchester, look no further than Bannatyne Kingsford Park.

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