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Elmwood Spa

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled within the energetic heartbeats of Toronto’s downtown core, the Elmwood Spa stands as an emblem of serenity and luxury amidst urban hustle. Housed in a historic building that dates back to the 1880s, this iconic spa offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern spa treatments, making it a favorite destination for locals and tourists seeking holistic rejuvenation.

A Historical Jewel in the City

Located on Elm Street, the Elmwood Spa boasts a rich history that adds depth to its allure. The building, once the "The YWCA" or "The Y", has been meticulously restored, preserving its architectural grandeur. The ornate facades, intricate detailing, and elegant spaces hearken back to an era of opulence, providing a perfect backdrop for relaxation and self-pampering.

Four Floors of Pure Bliss

The Elmwood Spa spans four floors, each dedicated to a unique aspect of wellness and relaxation. From the inviting water therapies on the lower level to the serene treatment rooms above, every space is designed to promote a sense of calm and well-being.

Innovative and Time-Honored Treatments

True to its reputation, Elmwood Spa offers an extensive menu of over 35 spa treatments. Whether guests opt for a tension-relieving deep tissue massage, a purifying facial, or the spa’s signature li'tya healing rituals drawn from Indigenous Australian traditions, the experience promises unparalleled relaxation. The expert therapists, equipped with both time-tested techniques and innovative approaches, ensure that every guest's needs are catered to with precision and care.

Culinary Delights at the Terrace Restaurant

The wellness journey at Elmwood Spa is not limited to treatments alone. The on-site Terrace Restaurant complements the spa experience with a delightful menu of fresh and health-conscious dishes. Guests can indulge in gourmet meals, refreshing beverages, or afternoon tea, all while wrapped in plush robes and basking in the serene ambiance.

A Hub of Special Events and Celebrations

Elmwood Spa is more than just a spa; it's also a popular venue for events, be it bridal showers, birthdays, or corporate retreats. The combination of luxurious treatments, delectable cuisine, and historic architecture makes it an ideal location for memorable celebrations.

Toronto's Historic Oasis of Wellness and Tranquility

Elmwood Spa serves as a tranquil escape right in the heart of Toronto's bustling downtown. It encapsulates the essence of luxury, history, and holistic wellness in its historic walls. As the city outside moves at its unrelenting pace, Elmwood Spa invites guests to slow down, breathe deeply, and immerse themselves in a realm where past and present harmoniously converge to nurture the body and soul. For those seeking an urban sanctuary, Elmwood Spa is undoubtedly one of Toronto's finest jewels.

Spa My Blend at Ritz-Carlton Toronto Logo

Spa My Blend at Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Indoor only

In the illustrious landscape of Toronto’s downtown, where skyscrapers touch the heavens and urban life buzzes with vibrancy, there's a sanctuary that promises respite and luxury in its purest form: the Spa My Blend by Clarins at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto. A unique blend of modern science, personalized touch, and unparalleled luxury, this spa beckons those seeking an intimate escape from the city's energetic tempo.

A Unique Concept: Personalization at Its Best

What truly sets Spa My Blend apart is its commitment to individualized care. Recognizing that each person's skin has unique needs, the spa introduced the revolutionary 'My Blend' concept. Using advanced diagnostic tools, expert therapists analyze each guest's skin to identify specific requirements. Based on this analysis, a bespoke blend of active ingredients is crafted, ensuring that every treatment is as unique as the individual receiving it.

Elegance, Space, and Serenity

Housed within the opulent confines of the Ritz-Carlton Toronto, the spa spans a generous 23,000 square feet. This expansive space, adorned with soft tones, delicate textures, and ambient lighting, fosters a sense of calm and relaxation. From the moment you step in, the sprawling urban landscape outside fades away, replaced by an oasis of tranquility.

Holistic Well-being: More Than Just Skincare

While Spa My Blend's unique facials remain a highlight, the wellness offerings are holistic. From invigorating body treatments and massages to state-of-the-art fitness facilities and a saltwater pool, every aspect of well-being is catered to. The therapists, trained meticulously in the Clarins method, ensure that each guest emerges feeling revitalized, body and soul.

A Dedication to Quality: The Clarins Touch

Spa My Blend's association with Clarins, a brand synonymous with skincare excellence, is evident in every aspect of the experience. From the products used to the techniques employed, there's a palpable dedication to quality and efficacy. The spa's treatments, infused with the essence of nature and enhanced by science, promise results that are both immediate and lasting.

An Urban Retreat with a Global Reputation

Such is the reputation of Spa My Blend by Clarins at Ritz-Carlton Toronto that it has garnered accolades on global platforms. Recognized as one of the best spas in the world, its unique concept, combined with the Ritz-Carlton's legendary hospitality, offers an experience that is both exclusive and exquisite.

A Tailored Retreat in the Heart of the City

In the heart of Toronto, where urban sophistication meets ceaseless momentum, Spa My Blend by Clarins provides a serene counterpoint. It’s a space where modern science meets personalized luxury, offering each guest a chance to pause, rejuvenate, and rediscover their innate glow. For those seeking a spa experience that transcends the ordinary, this sanctuary in the city promises a journey like no other.

Sweetgrass Spa Logo

Sweetgrass Spa

Indoor only

Tucked away amidst the urban vibrancy of Toronto, Sweetgrass Spa emerges as a haven of serenity, luxury, and indulgence. It's not just a spa; it's a sanctuary where the city's stresses melt away, replaced by rejuvenating treatments, restorative energies, and an atmosphere that celebrates feminine grace.

A Symphony of Design and Ambience

Upon entering Sweetgrass Spa, guests are immediately enveloped in an ambiance that whispers relaxation. The decor weaves a tale of understated elegance - muted tones, soft lighting, and intricate design details that pay homage to both modern chic and timeless charm. Every corner is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and calming to the senses.

Treatments Tailored for the Modern Woman

Sweetgrass Spa prides itself on understanding the multifaceted demands of today's woman. With a menu that ranges from revitalizing facials to therapeutic massages, every treatment is tailored to address specific needs and concerns. Using a blend of top-tier products and innovative techniques, the spa's team of skilled therapists ensures that every guest emerges feeling renewed and radiant.

The Water Therapy Experience

One of the standout features of Sweetgrass Spa is its unique water therapy. An inviting therapeutic pool, complemented by a whirlpool and steam room, offers a holistic experience that relaxes the muscles, calms the mind, and pampers the spirit. Immersed in this watery embrace, guests can drift away from the urban hustle and find a moment of serene introspection.

A Sanctuary for Group Pampering

Sweetgrass Spa goes beyond individual treatments by offering special packages tailored for group experiences. Whether it's a bridal shower, a girls' day out, or a special celebration, the spa provides customized experiences, ensuring that every group event becomes a cherished memory.

An Epicurean Treat

To round off the relaxation journey, Sweetgrass Spa also indulges its guests' palates. A delightful menu of gourmet treats and beverages is available, ensuring that guests can bask in the afterglow of their treatments while savoring delicious bites.

Toronto's Urban Oasis of Feminine Elegance and Relaxation

In the heart of Toronto, Sweetgrass Spa stands as an emblem of relaxation, luxury, and personalized care. It's a space where every detail, from the decor to the treatments, is meticulously crafted to ensure an unparalleled spa experience. For those seeking a retreat that speaks of elegance, rejuvenation, and a touch of urban luxury, Sweetgrass Spa beckons with open arms, promising an escape that soothes the body, delights the senses, and uplifts the spirit.

The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto Logo

The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled within the iconic skyline of Toronto, The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto stands as a sanctuary of opulence, wellness, and serene elegance. Known for its commitment to world-class luxury and meticulous service, Four Seasons has seamlessly integrated these virtues into a spa experience that transcends the usual. In the midst of the city's energetic pulse, this spa offers a retreat into a world where time slows, senses are rejuvenated, and every moment is curated for unparalleled relaxation.

Architectural Elegance Meets Therapeutic Design

The design of The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto is nothing short of a visual symphony. Using a harmonious blend of natural materials, soft hues, and ambient lighting, the space exudes an atmosphere of calm and sophistication. The architecture seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with elements that resonate with nature, creating a serene backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

An Array of Bespoke Treatments

Beyond its stunning interiors, the heart of the spa lies in its expansive menu of treatments. Harnessing the power of premium products, cutting-edge techniques, and a holistic approach, The Spa offers therapies that cater to both body and soul. From signature facials that restore skin vitality to therapeutic massages that melt away tension, every treatment is a testament to the spa's dedication to excellence and guest well-being.

The Pinnacle of Expertise

What elevates the experience at The Spa is its team of therapists. Handpicked for their expertise and trained to Four Seasons' exacting standards, they bring a touch that is both skilled and intuitive. Their deep understanding of wellness ensures that each guest receives a treatment tailored to their unique needs, leaving them feeling deeply relaxed and invigorated.

Wellness Beyond the Treatment Rooms

The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto believes in a comprehensive approach to well-being. Guests are encouraged to indulge in the spa's additional amenities, which include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a sky-lit indoor relaxation pool, and a steam room. Each facility complements the treatments, ensuring guests can extend their journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Dining with a Touch of Wellness

To complete the spa experience, guests can indulge in a curated menu of nutritious and delicious culinary delights. Prepared with wellness in mind, every dish and beverage is a celebration of flavor and health, making the post-treatment relaxation even more rewarding.

A Beacon of Luxurious Tranquility

The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto is not just a place; it's an experience. It stands as a testament to Four Seasons' legacy of luxury, service, and uncompromising quality. In the bustling heart of Toronto, this spa offers a serene escape, where every detail is crafted for relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic well-being. For those in search of an oasis that promises both luxury and tranquility, The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto emerges as an unmatched destination.

The Spa at The St. Regis Toronto Logo

The Spa at The St. Regis Toronto

Indoor only

Amid the bustling urban vibrancy of Toronto, The Spa at The St. Regis Toronto stands as a realm of serenity and sheer luxury. Synonymous with the grandeur associated with the St. Regis brand, this spa is an emblem of lavishness seamlessly interwoven with a genuine dedication to holistic wellness. For city dwellers and travelers alike, it serves as a sanctuary, promising a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary.

A Journey into Elegance

As guests enter The Spa at The St. Regis, they are enveloped by an aura of tranquility. The design is a brilliant concoction of modern chic and timeless elegance. From the intricate details of its decor to the soothing palette, every aspect resonates with opulence. Soft lighting enhances the calming atmosphere, inviting guests to let go of urban stresses and embrace pure relaxation.

Global Wellness Traditions, Perfected

At the heart of this spa's offering is a menu of treatments curated from world-renowned wellness traditions. Whether it's the healing strokes of a Balinese massage, the rejuvenating essence of a Mediterranean facial, or the detoxifying prowess of an Oriental scrub, there's a journey tailored for every guest. Backed by the expertise of skilled therapists, each treatment promises both instant relief and lasting benefits.

A Haven of World-Class Amenities

Beyond the treatments, The Spa at The St. Regis Toronto ensures that its guests are pampered at every step. From steam rooms that envelop visitors in therapeutic warmth to state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facilities that reinvigorate the senses, every amenity has been thoughtfully chosen and impeccably maintained. The relaxation lounge, with its plush seating and tranquil ambiance, is the perfect prelude or conclusion to any treatment.

Bespoke Beauty Treatments

Understanding the desire for radiant beauty, the spa offers an array of bespoke skincare and beauty treatments. Harnessing the power of premium products and cutting-edge techniques, these treatments aim to enhance one's natural beauty while addressing specific concerns, ensuring that every guest leaves with a revitalized and radiant appearance.

A Culinary Touch to Wellness

In alignment with its holistic approach, The Spa at The St. Regis Toronto presents a selection of wellness-inspired refreshments. Guests can indulge in organic teas, freshly pressed juices, and a menu of light bites designed to nourish both body and spirit.

Where Opulence Meets Wellness

The Spa at The St. Regis Toronto is not just a destination; it's an experience steeped in luxury, attention to detail, and a genuine understanding of holistic well-being. Set amidst the heartbeat of one of Canada's most dynamic cities, this spa offers a serene escape, an intimate retreat where every moment is crafted with impeccable finesse. For discerning individuals seeking a blend of luxury, relaxation, and invigoration, The Spa at The St. Regis Toronto stands unparalleled.

Body Blitz Spa East Logo

Body Blitz Spa East

Indoor only

In the bustling urban landscape of Toronto, there lies a unique haven that transports its visitors to a world of therapeutic waters and ancient spa traditions: Body Blitz Spa East. Nestled in the heart of the city, this women-only spa offers an invigorating blend of traditional water therapies and modern wellness treatments, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking rejuvenation in Canada's largest metropolis.

Historical Traditions Meet Urban Chic

The allure of Body Blitz Spa East is deeply rooted in its commitment to age-old water therapy traditions. Inspired by ancient Roman and Greek spa rituals, the spa features a series of therapeutic waters that guide visitors through a circuit designed to detoxify and invigorate the body. From warm Dead Sea salt pools to aromatic steam rooms, each step of the water circuit offers unique health benefits.

Architectural Brilliance in the Heart of Toronto

The design of Body Blitz Spa East beautifully juxtaposes the old with the new. The interiors echo a modern industrial aesthetic, with exposed brick walls and high ceilings. Yet, the ambiance is softened with tranquil blue tones, natural wood, and mood lighting, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary design and tranquil spa vibes.

A Therapeutic Journey Through Water

Body Blitz's signature therapeutic water circuit forms the core of its spa experience. Guests are guided through a series of water-based treatments, starting with a warm Dead Sea salt soak, progressing to a hot Epsom salt pool, followed by a dip in the cold plunge pool, and culminating in the aromatherapeutic steam room. This circuit is designed to promote circulation, detoxification, and relaxation, rejuvenating both body and spirit.

Bespoke Spa Treatments

Beyond its iconic water circuit, Body Blitz Spa East offers an array of personalized treatments. Skilled therapists offer everything from tension-relieving massages and organic facials to invigorating body scrubs. Using a combination of high-quality products and expert techniques, each treatment ensures a tailored spa experience.

A Sanctuary for Women, By Women

One of the unique aspects of Body Blitz Spa East is its women-only policy. This allows the spa to cultivate a safe, nurturing environment where women can relax, connect, and focus on self-care without any distractions.

Toronto's Therapeutic Waters Oasis

Body Blitz Spa East stands out as a beacon of relaxation in the vibrant heart of Toronto. It pays homage to time-tested spa traditions while delivering a modern, upscale spa experience tailored to the urban woman. For locals and visitors alike, Body Blitz offers a serene escape, a place where the stresses of city life melt away, replaced by the healing embrace of therapeutic waters and expert care. In a city that never stops, Body Blitz Spa East serves as a cherished oasis of calm and rejuvenation.

Body Blitz Spa West Logo

Body Blitz Spa West

Indoor only

Amidst the eclectic streets and historic buildings of Toronto's West End lies a spa oasis that has become synonymous with relaxation and well-being: Body Blitz Spa West. Sister to the renowned Body Blitz Spa East, this women-only wellness retreat offers an equally enchanting experience, championing the restorative powers of water and age-old spa treatments in the heart of the city.

Steeped in Tradition, Infused with Modernity

The charm of Body Blitz Spa West is deeply anchored in its commitment to ancient water therapy practices. Drawing inspiration from historical Roman and Greek spa customs, the spa has designed a therapeutic water circuit, beckoning guests to immerse themselves in a sequence of detoxifying and invigorating pools and steam rooms.

A Blend of History and Contemporary Elegance

The architecture and design of Body Blitz Spa West are a testament to the fusion of Toronto's rich history with sleek, modern aesthetics. Exposed brick walls nod to the district's industrial past, while soft lighting, aquatic hues, and minimalist decor offer a soothing counterpoint, evoking a serene spa ambiance.

Journey of Rejuvenation Through Waters

At the heart of Body Blitz Spa West's offerings is its iconic therapeutic water circuit. This series of water treatments commences with a warm Dead Sea salt soak, transitions into a hotter Epsom salt pool, challenges the senses with a cold plunge, and then cocoons guests in a steam room infused with therapeutic aromas. Each stage of the circuit is meticulously curated to enhance circulation, promote detoxification, and induce deep relaxation.

Tailored Treatments for Holistic Wellness

In addition to the water circuit, Body Blitz Spa West boasts a menu of bespoke spa treatments. Expert therapists, armed with premium products, deliver a spectrum of services from revitalizing facials and deep tissue massages to exfoliating body scrubs. Each session is personalized, ensuring guests emerge feeling refreshed, balanced, and truly pampered.

A Dedicated Women's Retreat

Echoing its eastern counterpart, Body Blitz Spa West is exclusively for women. This policy aims to cultivate an environment of comfort and empowerment, where women can unwind, rejuvenate, and focus on their well-being in a space designed specifically for their needs.

An Urban Sanctuary in Toronto's Vibrant West End

Body Blitz Spa West is more than just a spa—it's a sanctuary nestled in Toronto's bustling West End. By seamlessly integrating ancient spa traditions with contemporary luxury, it promises a unique wellness journey that resonates with urban women. Whether one is a Torontonian looking for a local escape or a visitor seeking a slice of serenity amidst city explorations, Body Blitz Spa West stands ready to transport guests to a realm of relaxation and renewal.

Fairmont Royal York Health Club & Pool Logo

Fairmont Royal York Health Club & Pool

Indoor only

Within the iconic Fairmont Royal York Hotel, located in Toronto’s vibrant downtown, is a hidden sanctuary that offers a resplendent escape from the city’s energetic pulse: the Fairmont Royal York Health Club & Pool. This luxurious spa and wellness center, emblematic of the hotel's storied elegance and grandeur, is a haven for those seeking serenity and rejuvenation amidst the urban sprawl.

Heritage and Luxury Intertwined

Being an integral part of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, the Health Club & Pool shares the rich history and architectural brilliance that the hotel is renowned for. Step inside, and you are instantly transported to an era where attention to detail and opulence were paramount. Ornate design elements, plush decor, and ambient lighting create an atmosphere of old-world charm coupled with modern sophistication.

A Pool Like No Other

At the heart of the Health Club is its show-stopping pool. Surrounded by luxurious loungers and bathed in soft, natural light, the pool offers a serene oasis for leisurely laps or a tranquil float. The gentle sounds of water, combined with the overall calming ambiance, make for a perfect setting to unwind and refresh.

Wellness Beyond Water

But the offerings of the Fairmont Royal York Health Club & Pool extend beyond its impressive waters. Guests can indulge in a diverse array of spa treatments tailored to individual needs. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage to alleviate city stress, a revitalizing facial, or a bespoke body treatment, expert therapists use top-of-the-line products and techniques to ensure optimum relaxation and rejuvenation.

A Fitness Haven for the Active Traveler

Complementing its spa offerings, the Health Club is equipped with a state-of-the-art fitness center. For guests who wish to maintain their active routines while traveling, or locals looking for a premium workout experience, the facility provides top-tier equipment, personal training sessions, and a range of classes to suit all fitness levels.

The Epitome of Relaxation: Sauna and Steam

To further elevate the wellness journey, the Health Club also features sauna and steam rooms. These are designed not only to relax the muscles post-workout but also to detoxify the body, improve circulation, and provide an overall sense of well-being.

A Regal Retreat in Toronto's Heart

The Fairmont Royal York Health Club & Pool stands as a testament to the hotel’s commitment to offering unparalleled luxury and service. In a city as dynamic as Toronto, it serves as a serene retreat, allowing guests to momentarily step away from the hustle, delve into relaxation, and emerge rejuvenated. Whether you're a traveler in need of some pampering or a local seeking a sumptuous getaway, this spa and wellness center promises a regal experience, right in the heart of Toronto.

Guerlain Spa at Hotel X Toronto Logo

Guerlain Spa at Hotel X Toronto

Indoor only

Hotel X Toronto, a towering landmark in Toronto's skyline, houses a gem that offers an unparalleled sensorial experience: The Guerlain Spa. Known globally for its luxurious products and exceptional service, Guerlain's foray into Toronto's spa scene has solidified the city's standing as a premier destination for world-class pampering.

French Legacy in Toronto's Vibrant Core

Guerlain, a brand synonymous with over 180 years of beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation, brings its rich Parisian heritage to Toronto's bustling metropolis. Located within the lavish precincts of Hotel X Toronto, the Guerlain Spa is a harmonious blend of European sophistication and contemporary Canadian aesthetics.

Architectural Brilliance Meets Serene Ambiance

Upon entering the spa, one is immediately greeted with an ambiance of tranquil elegance. The design, characterized by minimalist details, soft hues, and luxurious textures, is an invitation to leave behind the urban chaos and embark on a journey of relaxation. Every corner, every detail exudes calm, setting the stage for the treatments that lie ahead.

Bespoke Treatments: A Guerlain Signature

The Guerlain Spa boasts an extensive menu of treatments, each tailored to the individual needs of the guest. Drawing from its vast repertoire of luxurious products, the spa offers everything from revitalizing facials and invigorating body scrubs to therapeutic massages. Guerlain's expertise lies in crafting a personalized experience, ensuring that each guest receives treatments perfectly suited to their unique requirements.

The Art of Touch

What truly sets the Guerlain Spa experience apart is the brand's mastery over the 'Art of Touch'. Therapists, trained in the signature Guerlain methods, use precise and methodical movements, ensuring that each stroke delivers optimum relaxation. This choreographed technique, combined with Guerlain's sumptuous products, promises a spa experience that is both transformative and deeply restorative.

A Fragrant Journey

Given Guerlain's storied history in perfumery, a visit to the spa is also a journey through enchanting aromas. Each treatment is enhanced by carefully curated scents, designed to elevate the sensory experience. From the delicate notes of orchids to the deep undertones of musk, the fragrant landscape of the spa is nothing short of mesmerizing.

A Symphony of Elegance and Well-being

The Guerlain Spa at Hotel X Toronto is more than just a spa—it is a sanctuary where heritage, luxury, and well-being converge. In the heart of a city that never sleeps, this spa offers a haven of peace and refinement. Whether you're a seasoned spa enthusiast or a first-time visitor, a session at the Guerlain Spa promises an experience that lingers, long after the treatments conclude. For those in search of the epitome of luxury in Toronto, this spa emerges as an undisputed choice.

Stillwater Spa at Park Hyatt Toronto Logo

Stillwater Spa at Park Hyatt Toronto

Indoor only

Nestled within the iconic Park Hyatt Toronto, the Stillwater Spa stands as a beacon of tranquility amidst the city's bustling rhythm. As one of Toronto's premier wellness sanctuaries, Stillwater offers a serene retreat, blending luxurious treatments with a soothing environment, reflecting the timeless elegance for which Park Hyatt is globally renowned.

Classic Elegance Meets Modern Wellness

Upon entering Stillwater Spa, guests are immediately embraced by an atmosphere of hushed luxury. The decor, characterized by a harmonious blend of classic design elements and contemporary aesthetics, is imbued with soft, neutral palettes, invoking a sense of peace. This ambiance ensures that the chaos of the city fades, replaced by a realm of quietude and relaxation.

A Holistic Oasis in the Urban Jungle

Beyond its sumptuous ambiance, Stillwater Spa's true essence lies in its holistic approach to wellness. With a menu of treatments that span from time-honored massages to modern skin-care therapies, guests are invited to embark on a journey of rejuvenation tailored to their individual needs. Whether it's the indulgence of a deep tissue massage, the radiance boost from a bespoke facial, or the healing touch of aromatherapy, Stillwater ensures a personalized wellness experience.

World-Class Therapists and Signature Treatments

A pivotal aspect of the Stillwater Spa experience is its team of dedicated professionals. Trained in global best practices and driven by a genuine passion for holistic well-being, these therapists curate treatments that resonate with each guest's unique requirements. The spa's signature treatments, utilizing a blend of premium products and innovative techniques, have garnered acclaim, making them a must-try for both regulars and first-time visitors.

Wellness Beyond the Treatment Rooms

The Stillwater Spa experience transcends its individual treatments. Guests are encouraged to make use of the spa's expansive facilities, which include steam rooms, whirlpools, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. These amenities, coupled with the spa's emphasis on post-treatment relaxation, make for a comprehensive wellness journey.

An Epicurean Delight

Complementing its wellness offerings, Stillwater Spa also offers a delightful culinary experience. A curated menu of light bites, herbal infusions, and refreshing beverages ensures that guests can satiate their palates, making the spa experience a truly holistic indulgence.

Where Urban Tranquility Meets Timeless Elegance

In a city as dynamic as Toronto, the Stillwater Spa at Park Hyatt stands as a sanctuary of calm and luxury. It's a space where time seems to slow, allowing guests to reconnect with themselves, finding peace amidst the urban rush. With its commitment to personalized wellness, luxurious ambiance, and impeccable service, Stillwater Spa promises a retreat that's not just about relaxation, but also about rediscovery and rejuvenation. For those seeking an oasis in the heart of the city, this spa emerges as an unparalleled choice.

The Spa at InterContinental Toronto Centre Logo

The Spa at InterContinental Toronto Centre

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and the urban sprawl of Toronto, The Spa at InterContinental Toronto Centre stands out as an oasis of calm, relaxation, and luxury. With its commitment to offering world-class treatments in an ambiance of unparalleled serenity, this spa serves as a sanctuary for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

An Ambiance of Sophisticated Calm

From the moment guests step into The Spa at InterContinental, they are enveloped by a sense of peace and luxury. The design seamlessly combines contemporary aesthetics with soothing natural elements. Soft lighting, tranquil water features, and a palette of earthy tones come together to create an environment that invites relaxation at every turn.

A Curated Menu of Global Treatments

One of the spa's standout features is its extensive menu of treatments inspired by global wellness traditions. From deep-tissue massages and aromatherapy sessions inspired by ancient practices to state-of-the-art skincare treatments, there is something for every individual need. Expert therapists utilize premium products, ensuring that every treatment rejuvenates both the body and the spirit.

Trained Hands, Personalized Care

What truly sets The Spa at InterContinental apart is its team of professionals. Each therapist brings a wealth of experience and training, ensuring that guests receive treatments tailored to their specific needs. Their holistic approach to wellness, combined with a genuine passion for guest well-being, ensures an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Beyond Traditional Spa Offerings

The Spa at InterContinental believes in a holistic approach to wellness. Beyond its extensive range of treatments, the spa boasts amenities that further enhance the relaxation experience. Guests can unwind in the steam rooms, reinvigorate their senses in the whirlpools, or take a refreshing dip in the indoor pool. Every facility is designed to complement and extend the benefits of the spa's treatments.

Nourish Body and Soul

Understanding that wellness extends beyond treatments, The Spa at InterContinental offers a selection of nourishing snacks and beverages. Guests can indulge in a range of organic teas, fresh juices, and light bites, ensuring that their spa experience nourishes both the body and the soul.

A Tranquil Escape in the Heart of the City

The Spa at InterContinental Toronto Centre is more than just a spa; it's a retreat in the truest sense. In the heart of one of Canada's most bustling cities, it offers a tranquil space where guests can step back from the rush of urban life and indulge in moments of pure relaxation. With its blend of world-class treatments, expert therapists, and an ambiance of serene luxury, The Spa at InterContinental promises a journey that soothes, rejuvenates, and restores.

The Spa At The Hazelton Logo

The Spa At The Hazelton

Indoor only

Set amidst the urban tapestry of Toronto, The Spa At The Hazelton emerges as a luminous sanctuary of luxury, wellness, and refined sophistication. In a city that pulsates with energy, this spa offers an intimate retreat, a place where guests can shed the stresses of the outside world and immerse themselves in an experience of unparalleled pampering and rejuvenation.

Elegance in Every Detail

Upon entering The Spa At The Hazelton, one is immediately greeted by an ambiance of cultivated elegance. The interiors are a masterful blend of classic sophistication and contemporary design elements. Rich textures, soothing palettes, and ambient lighting converge to create a space that is both visually stunning and inherently calming.

Globally Inspired, Expertly Delivered

The spa boasts a menu of treatments that draws inspiration from global wellness traditions. From the deep relaxation of traditional Swedish massages to the revitalizing properties of Asian-inspired therapies, every offering is designed to provide profound relaxation and holistic healing. And with each treatment delivered by a team of seasoned professionals, guests are ensured an experience that addresses their unique needs and preferences.

State-of-the-Art Amenities

Beyond its signature treatments, The Spa At The Hazelton pampers its guests with an array of state-of-the-art amenities. The spa features steam rooms that detoxify and relax, spacious treatment rooms that promise privacy and comfort, and a serene relaxation area where guests can linger, sipping herbal infusions and basking in post-treatment bliss.

Bespoke Skincare

Recognizing the importance of radiant skin, The Spa At The Hazelton offers an extensive range of skincare treatments tailored to individual needs. Utilizing premium products and cutting-edge techniques, therapists ensure that guests leave with a complexion that's refreshed, revitalized, and glowing.

Nourishment for the Soul

Complementing its physical treatments, The Spa At The Hazelton focuses on holistic well-being. Guests are invited to partake in a selection of wellness beverages and light, nourishing bites, ensuring that their spa journey caters to both body and soul.

An Epitome of Luxe Relaxation in Toronto

In the heart of Toronto's dynamic cityscape, The Spa At The Hazelton stands as a beacon of luxury and relaxation. It's a place where every detail, from the curated treatments to the ambient interiors, comes together to craft an experience of absolute serenity. For those seeking an oasis of calm in a bustling metropolis, The Spa At The Hazelton promises not just a break from the everyday, but a deep, soulful journey into the realms of luxury and wellness.

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa Logo

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

Indoor & Outdoor

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa stands as a beacon of refined luxury amidst the natural beauty of a Carolinian forest in Cambridge, Ontario. This hidden gem invites guests to follow its winding road into an oasis of tranquility and elegance. The moment you arrive, the world outside begins to fade away, replaced by an atmosphere of gracious hospitality and serene beauty.

Luxurious Accommodations

The accommodations at Langdon Hall are nothing short of spectacular. Each room is spacious, beautifully appointed, and designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and style. Guests can sink into feather beds with plush down duvets, and many rooms offer the cozy warmth of wood-burning fireplaces, complemented by fine antiques that add a touch of historical charm.

Culinary Delights Await

Dining at Langdon Hall is an experience in itself. Whether you're seated in the main dining room with its picturesque view of the gardens or enjoying a cocktail in the cozy Wilks’ Bar, the culinary offerings are sure to impress. The Five-Diamond cuisine is crafted from the finest local ingredients, providing a feast for the senses that is both grounded in tradition and inspired by modern tastes.

A Sanctuary for the Senses

The award-winning spa at Langdon Hall is a retreat designed for indulgence and rejuvenation. Expert spa treatments, including massages, baths, wraps, and polishes, are performed in an intimate setting that encourages relaxation and renewal. It's the perfect place to reward yourself with a restorative escape from the everyday.

Memorable Events and Celebrations

Langdon Hall is not just a hotel; it's a destination where memories are made. Whether you're planning a fairytale wedding, a corporate retreat, or celebrating one of life's many milestones, the staff at Langdon Hall are dedicated to making every event unforgettable. With its stunning backdrop and impeccable service, your vision for a special occasion becomes a reality.

Escape to Elegance

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa is a treasure waiting to be discovered. It's a place where luxury meets nature, where every stay is crafted to be an unforgettable experience. From the sumptuous comfort of its rooms to the delectable cuisine and the sublime spa, Langdon Hall is a testament to the art of living well. It's not just a getaway; it's an experience that will linger in your heart long after you've returned home.

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