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Nestled in the heart of Naples, Wyndemere Country Club stands as a beacon of luxury and leisure. This prestigious club, featuring an Arthur Hills-designed 27-hole golf course, is not just a destination but a lifestyle. With its central location, Wyndemere offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking an active and upscale way of life.

A Golfer's Paradise

The golf course at Wyndemere is a masterpiece of design and functionality. Boasting 27 championship holes, the course is a blend of challenge and beauty, appealing to golfers of all skill levels. Intriguing water features, coquina waste areas, and tree-lined fairways create a picturesque and engaging golfing experience. This course is perfect for those who love the game, whether they are seasoned players or newcomers to the sport.

More Than Just Golf

Wyndemere Country Club is a hub of activity beyond the golf course. With over 18 activities and racquet courts, including tennis, pickleball, bocce, and croquet, the club caters to a diverse range of interests and skill levels. The vibrant community of over 400 players ensures that there's always a game to join and new friends to meet.

A Year-Round Active Lifestyle

The club promotes an active lifestyle 365 days a year. Members enjoy a full calendar of events, social gatherings, and physical activities. Whether it's relaxing by the pool, enjoying a chat by the grand outdoor fireplace, or participating in one of the many club events, Wyndemere offers a dynamic and engaging environment for all its members.

Exceptional Dining and Wellness Facilities

Wyndemere boasts two distinct dining venues, each offering a wide variety of contemporary cuisine to suit every palate. The club also features fully-equipped wellness and spa amenities, providing the latest in techniques and products for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Prime Location and World-Class Service

Located just 10 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, Downtown Naples, and the airport, Wyndemere's location is as convenient as it is beautiful. The club's commitment to excellence is evident in the exceptional level of service provided to members, their families, and guests.

A Community of Amenities and Services

Wyndemere Country Club offers a wide range of amenities and services, ensuring that there is something for everyone. From the new resort-style pool to the impeccably maintained golf course and the recent facility renovations, the club is a testament to luxury and community spirit.

In summary, Wyndemere Country Club in Naples is more than just a country club; it's a lifestyle choice for those seeking luxury, leisure, and a vibrant community. With its exceptional golf course, diverse activities, exquisite dining, and prime location, Wyndemere stands out as a premier destination for those who desire an active and upscale way of life.

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The Q Laser and Med Spa

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Day Spa, Medical Spa

Nestled in the picturesque city of Naples, The Q Laser and Med Spa stands as a beacon of modern beauty and wellness. This premier destination is the first in Southwest Florida to combine anti-aging procedures, advanced technology for treating chronic dry eye, and LASIK vision correction under one roof. The spa's commitment to offering a comprehensive range of services in a state-of-the-art facility sets it apart as a leader in the realm of aesthetic and vision care.

A Fusion of Advanced Technology and Expert Care

At The Q Laser and Med Spa, clients are treated to an array of services that blend cutting-edge technology with expert care. The facility boasts a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, all performed in-office or in their AAAASF-accredited surgical center. This commitment to quality and safety ensures that clients receive the best care in an environment that respects their individual needs and goals.

Tailored Services for Every Need

The spa's service offerings are as diverse as they are sophisticated. Clients can indulge in treatments like HydraFacial®, Virtue® RF Microneedling, Transformation Peels, Fillers & Injectables, and even Liquid Facelifts. For those seeking more intensive care, the spa offers CO2 Laser treatments, Facial Plastic Surgery, and a variety of medical skin care products. Each service is designed to provide natural-looking results, tailored to the unique goals of each client.

Meet Dr. Stephen Prendiville: A Leader in Facial Aesthetics

The heart of The Q Laser and Med Spa's excellence lies in the expertise of Dr. Stephen Prendiville, Southwest Florida’s leading doctor for facelifts and rhinoplasty. Dr. Prendiville is the only fellowship-trained and double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Fort Myers. His credentials, including certifications from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology, underscore his unparalleled expertise in the field.

Cutting-Edge Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

Clients at The Q Laser and Med Spa have access to a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The facility's state-of-the-art surgical center is equipped to handle advanced procedures, ensuring clients receive top-tier care. Non-surgical options, such as outpatient services, are designed for efficiency and convenience, taking only minutes to perform.

The Ultimate Destination for Beauty and Vision Care

The Q Laser and Med Spa is more than just a med spa; it's a comprehensive destination for those seeking to enhance their beauty and vision. From LASIK and refractive surgery to anti-aging treatments and facial rejuvenation, the spa offers a holistic approach to wellness. The combination of expert care, advanced technology, and a wide range of services makes The Q Laser and Med Spa a premier choice for anyone looking to see life in a new light.

Experience the Elegance of The Q Laser and Med Spa in Naples

The Q Laser and Med Spa in Naples, United States, is a unique fusion of aesthetic excellence and advanced medical technology. With its wide range of services, expert care, and commitment to individualized treatment, it stands as a testament to the possibilities of modern beauty and wellness care. Whether seeking vision correction, facial rejuvenation, or simply a touch of luxury, The Q Laser and Med Spa is the ultimate destination for those who value quality, safety, and elegance.

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