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Club on the Park at Park Hyatt Tokyo Logo

Club on the Park at Park Hyatt Tokyo

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Set against the iconic Tokyo skyline in the bustling Shinjuku-ku district, the Park Hyatt Tokyo already holds a reputation as one of the city's most illustrious hotels. But high above its plush suites and gourmet dining options lies another of its treasures: the Club on the Park. This renowned spa offers a luxury escape, melding modern sophistication with traditional Japanese wellness practices.

A Skyward Sanctuary

Located on the 45th floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, Club on the Park boasts not only world-class treatments but also panoramic vistas of the city and, on clear days, the majestic Mount Fuji in the distance. The sights alone set the tone for a rejuvenating experience.

Holistic Wellness Approach

Club on the Park stands apart with its holistic approach to wellness. Beyond the traditional spa treatments, it offers a range of fitness facilities, including a swimming pool, aerobics studio, and gym. Each space is designed to nurture both physical and mental well-being.

Tradition Meets Modernity

The spa menu at Club on the Park is an impressive blend of East and West. Traditional Japanese treatments, using indigenous ingredients and time-honored techniques, are offered alongside contemporary therapies. From Shiatsu massages that channel the ancient art of Japanese healing to cutting-edge facials using the latest skincare technology, there's a treatment to rejuvenate every guest.

The Onsen Influence

While the spa doesn't boast a traditional onsen, its hot baths are heavily inspired by these iconic Japanese hot springs. Here, guests can soak in the warm waters, letting the city's hustle and bustle melt away. The baths are complemented by cold plunge pools, steam and sauna rooms, ensuring a complete and invigorating thermal experience.

Attention to Detail

True to Japanese hospitality, every detail at Club on the Park is meticulously considered. The spa's design, with its muted tones, clean lines, and minimalist aesthetics, evokes a sense of tranquility. Each treatment room is a haven of relaxation, and therapists ensure that each guest's experience is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Dining with Wellness in Mind

No wellness journey is complete without nourishment. Club on the Park ensures that guests can refuel with a range of healthy and delicious culinary options. From fresh juices and smoothies to gourmet dishes crafted from organic ingredients, the focus is on nourishing the body from the inside out.

A Haven Amidst the Metropolis

In a city that never sleeps, Club on the Park at Park Hyatt Tokyo stands as a testament to the age-old Japanese art of balance. It's a space where tradition and modernity meet, where relaxation and invigoration go hand in hand. For those seeking a serene oasis in the heart of Tokyo, this spa offers an experience that is, quite simply, unparalleled.

THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi Logo

THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi

Indoor only
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Situated within the architectural brilliance of Tokyo's financial district, the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi boasts a hidden gem that serves as a sublime sanctuary: THE SPA. Within the dynamic heart of Chiyoda-ku, this oasis of tranquility offers an ethereal escape, encapsulating both the rich tapestry of Japanese wellness traditions and the epitome of modern luxury.

Impeccable Design & Tranquil Ambiance

From the very first steps into THE SPA, visitors are enveloped in an atmosphere that exudes serenity and sophistication. The interiors, artistically curated, celebrate the harmonious blend of modern chic design and Japan's age-old aesthetics. Gentle hues, soft lighting, and elements of nature, from flowing water to delicate flora, converge to craft a space that whispers relaxation.

Tailored Wellness Experiences

What truly sets THE SPA apart is its thoughtful compilation of treatments, designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of its discerning clientele. With an unwavering commitment to holistic well-being, the spa incorporates both time-tested Japanese techniques and innovative contemporary therapies. Signature treatments often involve the utilization of native ingredients such as green tea, cherry blossom, and wasabi, each known for their unique therapeutic properties. Whether indulging in a deep tissue massage infused with Japanese botanicals or a rejuvenating facial harnessing advanced skincare technology, guests are assured a transformative and bespoke experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities in a Lush Setting

Beyond individual treatments, THE SPA offers a myriad of state-of-the-art facilities to augment the wellness journey. An ultramodern fitness center provides equipment for guests intent on maintaining their physical regimen, while the vitality pools offer a therapeutic aquatic experience with stunning views of the cityscape. Perhaps most enchanting is the traditional onsen bath, which allows guests to immerse themselves in mineral-rich waters, evoking the tranquil ambiance of Japan's renowned hot springs, all within the urban luxury of Tokyo.

Mindfulness at Its Core

Understanding that true wellness extends beyond the physical realm, THE SPA places significant emphasis on mental and spiritual rejuvenation. Spaces dedicated to meditation, guided mindfulness sessions, and yoga classes overlooking the panoramic Tokyo skyline ensure a holistic approach to well-being, nourishing the mind and soul.

A Celestial Retreat Amidst Urban Majesty

Nestled within the iconic skyscrapers of Chiyoda-ku, THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi stands as a testament to the art of refined relaxation and rejuvenation. More than just a spa, it is a haven where ancient traditions meet modern luxury, providing a resplendent retreat in the midst of Tokyo's urban vibrancy. For those seeking a transcendent wellness experience, this spa promises a journey that is as profound as it is luxurious.

Mizuki Spa & Fitness at Conrad Tokyo Logo

Mizuki Spa & Fitness at Conrad Tokyo

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Perched high above the bustling streets of Tokyo, with panoramic views of the iconic Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge, is a haven of tranquility and indulgence: Mizuki Spa & Fitness at Conrad Tokyo. Situated in the sophisticated Minato-ku district, this spa sanctuary exemplifies urban luxury, seamlessly blending traditional Japanese elements with modern design and treatments.

Breathtaking Ambiance

As soon as one enters Mizuki Spa & Fitness, the city's cacophony fades into oblivion, replaced by an atmosphere of calm and luxury. The interior is a masterful fusion of contemporary elegance and traditional Japanese motifs. Subtle bamboo accents, delicate washi paper screens, and serene water features echo Japan's rich cultural heritage, while the sleek lines and plush amenities speak to the modern-day traveler's desire for comfort and luxury. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that guests can soak in the mesmerizing city skyline, reminding them of the unique juxtaposition of serenity amidst urban dynamism.

Tailored Spa Experiences

Mizuki Spa offers a diverse menu of treatments, each designed to revitalize and rejuvenate. Drawing inspiration from Japan's age-old wellness practices, the spa incorporates natural ingredients such as native herbs, sea minerals, and rice extracts. Whether it's a traditional Japanese massage, a nourishing facial, or a therapeutic body treatment, each session is customized to the individual's needs, ensuring a deeply personal spa journey. Their signature treatments often merge modern therapeutic techniques with time-honored Japanese practices, offering guests the best of both worlds.

State-of-the-Art Fitness

Beyond its spa treatments, Mizuki Spa & Fitness boasts a cutting-edge fitness center. Equipped with the latest in cardio and strength-training machinery, it caters to fitness enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on their regimen. Additionally, the indoor pool, bathed in natural light and offering stunning views of the city, provides a serene environment for a leisurely swim or an invigorating workout.

Holistic Wellness Offerings

Complementing the physical treatments are the spa's holistic offerings. Guided meditation sessions, yoga classes with views of Tokyo Bay, and traditional tea ceremonies allow guests to immerse themselves in a comprehensive wellness experience, catering to mind, body, and soul.

A Luxurious Retreat in Minato-ku

Mizuki Spa & Fitness at Conrad Tokyo is not just a place to receive treatments; it's a destination in itself. It promises a transformative experience, where the weight of urban life melts away, replaced by a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. In the heart of Minato-ku, amidst the vibrant energy of Tokyo, Mizuki stands as a beacon of luxury and well-being, making it an essential retreat for residents and travelers alike.

Nagomi Spa & Fitness at Grand Hyatt Tokyo Logo

Nagomi Spa & Fitness at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Tucked within the opulent environs of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, in the heart of the cosmopolitan district of Minato-ku, lies a sanctuary that evokes the spirit of traditional Japan amidst urban grandeur: the Nagomi Spa & Fitness. This luxurious retreat, with its unique blend of age-old traditions and modern amenities, offers both locals and travelers an escape from the city's frenetic pace.

Design and Atmosphere

From the very moment you step into Nagomi Spa & Fitness, you are embraced by an ambiance of tranquil elegance. The design seamlessly integrates elements reminiscent of Japanese culture—softly lit lanterns, polished wood, and stone pathways, invoking the atmosphere of a serene Japanese garden. Subtle fragrances of aromatic oils fill the air, gently nudging guests into a state of relaxation even before their treatments begin.

Holistic Treatments with a Japanese Touch

The spa boasts an extensive menu of treatments that draw deeply from Japanese wellness practices. Local, natural ingredients—such as rice bran, green tea extracts, and aromatic yuzu citrus—feature prominently in their therapies, paying homage to the nation's rich beauty and wellness heritage. Signature treatments, such as the Nagomi Ritual, offer guests a holistic experience that combines traditional Japanese massage techniques with rejuvenating facials, ensuring that one leaves not just with a refreshed body, but also a radiant complexion.

A Complete Fitness Experience

Nagomi Spa & Fitness doesn't just cater to relaxation—it's also a haven for fitness enthusiasts. The state-of-the-art gymnasium is equipped with the latest workout machines, providing patrons with a comprehensive fitness experience. Personal trainers are available for customized sessions, and the serene indoor pool is perfect for guests looking to complete their fitness routine with a refreshing swim.

Additional Amenities for Total Rejuvenation

The spa’s journey doesn't end with treatments and fitness. Several amenities elevate the Nagomi experience, such as the Red Granite Stone bath, a unique feature that provides warmth and relaxation after a tiring day. The traditional onsen-style baths, steam rooms, and saunas further offer a purifying and detoxifying experience.

An Epitome of Serenity in Minato-ku

Nagomi Spa & Fitness stands as a tribute to Japan's dedication to harmony, balance, and well-being. At the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, amidst the urban landscape of Minato-ku, it serves as a reminder that peace and rejuvenation are never far away. It's not just a spa—it's a journey through the soul of Japanese wellness, ensuring that every visitor emerges with a renewed spirit and vitality.

Spa & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental Logo

Spa & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental

Chūō Ku
Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Amidst the bustling heart of Chūō-ku, Tokyo, where contemporary skyscrapers reach for the skies and the dynamic energy of the city is palpable, there exists a place where time seems to stand still: The Spa & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental. This haven, nestled within one of the world's most acclaimed hotel chains, offers an unparalleled journey of relaxation and revitalization, exquisitely combining Far Eastern traditions with cutting-edge innovation.

Elegance Meets Tranquility

From the very first step inside, guests are greeted with a serene atmosphere that effortlessly blends opulence with simplicity. The design of the spa echoes elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics—think flowing water features, soft ambient lighting, natural wood finishes, and intricate stone patterns—all harmoniously combined to invoke a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Signature Spa Experiences

What sets the Spa & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental apart is its dedication to delivering holistic treatments that cater to both the body and spirit. Using a blend of ancient and modern techniques, each therapy is thoughtfully curated to offer a transformative experience. The spa's signature treatments often incorporate traditional Japanese ingredients like matcha, sakura, and yuzu, intertwined with time-honored practices like shiatsu massage and acupuncture. These treatments not only provide relaxation but also aim to balance the body's chi or energy, grounding the spirit and promoting holistic well-being.

Innovative Wellness Facilities

Beyond the treatment rooms, guests are invited to explore an array of world-class facilities. The vitality pool, with its therapeutic water jets, provides an invigorating massage experience, while the crystal steam rooms and saunas offer detoxifying benefits. The experience showers, with varied pressure and temperature settings, are a delightful sensory journey, perfectly complementing the spa treatments. For those keen on maintaining their fitness routines, the state-of-the-art fitness center ensures a rigorous workout, and the serene ambiance of the indoor pool promises a calming swim amidst the city's skyline.

Mindful Retreats

The wellness journey at the Mandarin Oriental extends beyond physical treatments. Guests can partake in guided meditation sessions, yoga classes, and even workshops on nutrition and holistic living, ensuring a comprehensive approach to well-being.

A Sanctuary of Luxurious Rejuvenation

The Spa & Wellness at Mandarin Oriental in Chūō-ku is not just a spa—it's a sanctuary where luxury meets well-being. Here, the age-old wisdom of the East and the innovative techniques of the West converge, offering guests a retreat from the urban hustle and a voyage into a realm of unparalleled relaxation. In the midst of Tokyo's vibrant heart, it stands as a testament to the timeless pursuit of balance, beauty, and rejuvenation.

The Peninsula Spa Logo

The Peninsula Spa

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Tucked within the heart of Chiyoda-ku, a district known for its juxtaposition of Tokyo's historical legacy and modern marvels, The Peninsula Spa emerges as a paragon of luxury, tranquility, and holistic wellness. Located within the illustrious Peninsula Tokyo, this spa offers a sanctuary for those seeking to recharge and rejuvenate amidst unparalleled opulence.

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Tranquility

The interiors of The Peninsula Spa are a reflection of its commitment to delivering an experience steeped in elegance. Traditional Japanese aesthetics, from intricate woodwork to delicate washi paper designs, merge seamlessly with contemporary luxe accents. The result is a space that, while rooted in tradition, resonates with modern sophistication. Large windows bathe the spa in natural light, and the calming palette of neutrals and earth tones immediately instills a sense of peace and calm in visitors.

Bespoke Treatments with a Touch of Japan

At the heart of The Peninsula Spa's offerings are its meticulously curated treatments that promise holistic well-being. Drawing from Japan's rich spa traditions, therapies often incorporate indigenous ingredients like matcha, sake, and yuzu, coupled with state-of-the-art techniques. Whether it's a massage that melds shiatsu techniques with aromatherapy or a facial that harnesses the rejuvenating powers of local botanicals, guests are ensured an authentic and revitalizing spa journey.

Cutting-Edge Facilities in a Serene Setting

The spa's commitment to providing a comprehensive wellness experience is evident in its range of facilities. Apart from the individual treatment rooms, guests can indulge in the serene ambiance of the relaxation lounges, steam rooms, and saunas. The vitality pools, with their therapeutic water jets, offer a massage experience that complements the spa's treatments. For those inclined towards fitness, a state-of-the-art gymnasium ensures guests can maintain their exercise regimens, while the indoor pool provides a tranquil space for a refreshing swim.

Wellness Beyond Skin-Deep

Understanding that true wellness is a holistic endeavor, The Peninsula Spa offers programs and sessions that cater to the mind and spirit. Guided meditation, yoga classes with views of the Imperial Palace gardens, and personalized wellness consultations ensure that guests embark on a journey that nurtures both body and soul.

A Symphony of Luxury and Wellness

The Peninsula Spa in Chiyoda-ku is more than just a destination—it's an odyssey into the realms of luxury and well-being. Every detail, from the design to the treatments, reflects a dedication to perfection and a deep understanding of holistic health. For residents and travelers in Tokyo, it offers an oasis of calm, promising a retreat that revitalizes, pampers, and elevates the spirit amidst the city's vibrant heartbeat.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa Logo

The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Perched high above the iconic Tokyo skyline in the bustling district of Minato-ku, The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers an unparalleled sanctuary of luxury, tranquility, and holistic wellness. Located within the esteemed Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, this spa seamlessly blends the time-honored traditions of Japan with contemporary luxury, ensuring every guest embarks on a journey of unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation.

Refined Elegance with Panoramic Serenity

Upon entering The Ritz-Carlton Spa, guests are immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of understated opulence. The interiors, exquisitely designed, showcase a harmony of natural stone, warm woods, and soft textiles, evoking a sense of timeless luxury. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame mesmerizing, panoramic views of the city below, offering a visual treat and emphasizing the spa's lofty perch above Tokyo.

Japanese Essence with a Touch of Modernity

At the heart of the spa experience are treatments inspired by Japan's rich wellness and therapeutic heritage. The spa menu, thoughtfully curated, draws from traditional practices while incorporating modern therapies. Ingredients like green tea, sakura blossoms, and Japanese rice are frequently featured, paying homage to local traditions while promising tangible rejuvenation. From Shiatsu massages that balance the body’s energy to facials harnessing advanced skincare technologies, each treatment is designed to offer guests both immediate relaxation and lasting benefits.

A Symphony of World-Class Facilities

The commitment to providing guests with an all-encompassing wellness experience is evident in the spa's range of state-of-the-art facilities. Beyond individual treatment rooms, visitors can indulge in heated indoor pools, aromatic steam rooms, and traditional onsen baths. The experience is further elevated with serene relaxation lounges, where one can sip on herbal teas while soaking in the city views. For the fitness-conscious, a fully equipped gymnasium ensures that wellness routines remain uninterrupted, all set against the backdrop of Tokyo's dynamic landscape.

Holistic Well-being Above the Clouds

Beyond physical treatments and facilities, The Ritz-Carlton Spa is dedicated to nurturing the mind and spirit. Guests can engage in guided meditation sessions, practice yoga with expert instructors, or participate in workshops focusing on mindfulness and holistic health.

Elevation of Serenity in the Heart of the Metropolis

The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Minato-ku is more than a luxurious retreat; it's a testament to the art of holistic well-being, set high above Tokyo's vibrant pulse. It captures the essence of Japanese traditions, infuses it with modern luxury, and serves it in an environment of unparalleled elegance. For anyone seeking an oasis of calm in the heart of the metropolis, this spa promises not just treatments, but transformative experiences.

The Spa at HOSHINOYA Tokyo Logo

The Spa at HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

Nestled amidst the frenetic energy of Tokyo's Chiyoda-ku, The Spa at HOSHINOYA Tokyo stands as a sanctuary of tranquility, a portal to Japan's rich wellness traditions in the midst of urban modernity. Situated within the luxurious HOSHINOYA Tokyo, this spa offers guests an immersive journey, weaving the ancient tapestries of Japanese therapeutic practices with the nuances of contemporary luxury.

A Seamless Fusion of Tradition and Contemporary Elegance

From the moment guests cross its threshold, The Spa at HOSHINOYA Tokyo captivates with an ambiance that reflects the harmony of old and new. Delicate shoji screens, calming rock gardens, and soft tatami mat floors coalesce with sleek modern design elements, creating an environment where time seems to slow and the city's hum fades into the distance.

Ancient Therapies for Modern Souls

The essence of The Spa lies in its dedication to time-honored Japanese wellness practices. With therapies deeply rooted in Japan's rich spa traditions, guests are treated to authentic experiences that rejuvenate both body and spirit. Signature treatments may involve the therapeutic touch of shiatsu, the detoxifying rituals of traditional onsen baths, or the nourishing properties of ingredients such as yuzu, green tea, and rice bran. These sessions not only promise relaxation but also a deep connection to the cultural soul of Japan.

Onsen: A Pinnacle of Purity and Relaxation

A standout feature of The Spa is its onsen baths. Drawing mineral-rich waters from natural springs deep beneath Tokyo, these traditional baths offer guests a purifying experience. The gentle embrace of the warm waters, known to improve circulation, relieve stress, and beautify the skin, coupled with the serene ambiance, evokes a sense of harmony and balance, making the onsen experience both therapeutic and meditative.

Spaces of Mindful Calm

Beyond the tangible treatments, The Spa at HOSHINOYA Tokyo recognizes the importance of mental well-being. Designated relaxation areas, some overlooking serene Japanese gardens, allow guests to meditate, reflect, or simply bask in the afterglow of their treatments. Guided meditation sessions and practices rooted in Zen philosophy further offer pathways to inner peace and mindfulness.

A Traditional Elysium in the Heart of Tokyo

The Spa at HOSHINOYA Tokyo is not merely a place—it's an experience, a narrative of Japan's timeless commitment to well-being, set against the backdrop of Tokyo's bustling heart. Within the dynamic landscape of Chiyoda-ku, it offers a serene cocoon, promising a journey where tradition whispers tales of rejuvenation, luxury cradles the senses, and every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu Logo

Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu

Indoor & Outdoor
Day Spa

In the vibrant precinct of Nerima-ku, amid Tokyo's bustling urban landscape, lies a haven of peace and rejuvenation: Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu. As its name suggests, translating to "Garden Bath," this spa offers a unique blend of nature's tranquility and Japan's revered onsen traditions, crafting an oasis where modernity and tradition harmoniously intertwine.

Gardens of Serenity

The most striking feature of Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu is its meticulous incorporation of natural elements. With expansive Japanese-style gardens, the spa invites its guests into a realm of lush greenery, tranquil ponds, and meandering stone paths. Every corner of the garden, be it the rustling bamboo groves or the koi-filled waters, resonates with nature's calm, setting the ambiance for the therapeutic experiences within.

A Nurturing Embrace of Onsen Waters

Drawing from Japan's rich hot spring culture, Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu boasts authentic onsen baths, sourcing mineral-rich waters from deep beneath the Earth's surface. These naturally heated waters are known for their therapeutic properties, providing relief from physical ailments, enhancing skin health, and promoting holistic well-being. Guests can choose from a variety of pools, including open-air baths that offer a sensory delight of soaking in healing waters under the open sky, surrounded by nature's symphony.

Traditional Wellness, Modern Comfort

Beyond the onsen experience, the spa offers a range of treatments steeped in Japan's wellness traditions. From shiatsu massages that rebalance the body's energy to scrubs and facials using indigenous botanicals, every therapy promises to nourish both body and soul. For those seeking modern comforts, Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu doesn't disappoint. Saunas, steam rooms, and state-of-the-art relaxation zones offer guests contemporary ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Spaces of Mindfulness and Contemplation

Understanding the intrinsic bond between mental and physical well-being, the spa has dedicated spaces for mindfulness practices. Overlooking the serene gardens, meditation areas, and relaxation rooms offer guests the chance to delve into introspection, recharging their mental energies.

An Enchanted Garden of Wellness and Serenity

Toshimaen Niwa-no-yu in Nerima-ku is not just a spa; it's a journey into the heart of Japan's wellness ethos, set amidst nature's serene embrace. Offering residents and travelers a haven away from Tokyo's frenetic pace, it is a testament to the timeless beauty of Japanese traditions and the healing power of nature. In a world that often forgets the importance of slowing down, this spa stands as a gentle reminder of the joys of stillness and the rejuvenation that comes with it.

Wellness & Fitness at Aman Tokyo Logo

Wellness & Fitness at Aman Tokyo

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Perched amidst the towering skyscrapers of Tokyo's Chiyoda-ku, the Wellness & Fitness spa at Aman Tokyo rises as a beacon of tranquility, luxury, and holistic well-being. As part of the iconic Aman brand, renowned worldwide for its commitment to unparalleled luxury and serenity, this urban retreat offers a harmonious escape from the city's bustling heartbeat, drawing guests into a realm where the ancient traditions of Japan meet the epitome of modern wellness.

An Ethereal Atmosphere with Panoramic Views

One of the most captivating features of the Wellness & Fitness spa at Aman Tokyo is its breathtaking location. High above the city, the spa boasts expansive windows that offer sweeping views of Tokyo's mesmerizing skyline and the majestic Mount Fuji in the distance. The interiors seamlessly blend minimalist design, inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics, with contemporary elegance. Tranquil water features, natural stone, and soft lighting create a serene ambiance, offering an immediate sense of calm upon arrival.

A Tapestry of Traditional and Contemporary Therapies

At the heart of the spa experience is a rich menu of treatments that harmoniously merge age-old Japanese wellness practices with cutting-edge therapies. Guests can indulge in treatments that utilize locally sourced ingredients, such as Kuroho, a fragrant wood often used in ancient Japanese incense ceremonies, and sake, known for its skin-nourishing properties. From the deep pressure techniques of traditional Shiatsu massages to state-of-the-art facials harnessing the latest in skincare technology, each session promises a transformative journey tailored to the individual's needs.

Embracing the Onsen Tradition

Paying homage to Japan's revered onsen culture, the spa features a large, serene onsen-style bath. Filled with mineral-rich water, this bath offers therapeutic benefits, providing a soothing and rejuvenating experience that connects guests to a vital aspect of Japanese tradition.

State-of-the-Art Fitness for the Modern Nomad

Beyond relaxation and therapies, the Wellness & Fitness spa caters to guests keen on maintaining their fitness regimen. The center boasts a state-of-the-art gym equipped with the latest in exercise machinery. For those seeking guidance, personal trainers are available to craft bespoke workout routines, ensuring a comprehensive fitness experience.

Yoga and Meditation with a View

Recognizing the holistic nature of well-being, the spa offers spaces dedicated to mindfulness practices. Guided yoga and meditation sessions, often set against the backdrop of the city's sprawling panorama, provide moments of introspection and balance, grounding guests amidst the urban setting.

A Zen Sanctuary Above the Clouds

The Wellness & Fitness spa at Aman Tokyo, nestled in the heart of Chiyoda-ku, stands as a testament to Tokyo's unique ability to intertwine the serenity of traditional practices with the vibrancy of modern life. Here, amid the city's dynamic pulse, guests discover a sanctuary of calm, luxury, and profound well-being, making it an essential retreat for those seeking the pinnacle of rejuvenation in Tokyo.

AO Spa & Club Andaz Tokyo Logo

AO Spa & Club Andaz Tokyo

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Amidst the bustling skyline of Tokyo lies a hidden gem that offers a tranquil retreat from the chaotic rhythm of city life. Perched high above the city in the sophisticated Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, the AO Spa & Club stands as a beacon of serenity, wellness, and unparalleled luxury in Minato-ku.

An Elevating Experience

From the moment you step into the AO Spa & Club, it becomes evident that this is not just a spa - it's an experience. Located on the 37th floor, the spa offers breathtaking panoramic views of Tokyo, allowing guests to bask in the city's mesmerizing skyline while indulging in bespoke treatments.

Bespoke Botanicals: A Celebration of Japanese Nature

At the heart of AO Spa & Club's offerings is its commitment to natural wellness. Before each treatment, guests are invited to the Blend Bar where they can create their own personalized products using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from across Japan. Whether it's fresh komatsuna from Chiba or yuzu from Kochi, the spa's treatments celebrate the rich botanical heritage of the country.

Innovative Treatments Meet Traditional Techniques

While the spa is rooted in natural principles, its menu boasts a harmonious blend of innovative therapies and traditional Japanese techniques. From the signature "Tokyo Drift" massage, designed to combat the effects of jet lag, to the traditional "Ofuro" Japanese bath, there's a rejuvenating experience waiting for every guest.

Fitness with a View

For guests eager to maintain their fitness routines, the AO Spa & Club offers more than just spa treatments. The state-of-the-art fitness center, equipped with the latest in training equipment, provides an invigorating workout experience, all while overlooking the sprawling Tokyo metropolis. The club also boasts an impressive 20-meter pool, perfect for a refreshing swim after a day exploring the city.

Japanese Hospitality at its Best

Beyond the treatments and facilities, what truly sets AO Spa & Club apart is its unwavering commitment to omotenashi, the unique Japanese approach to hospitality. Every detail, from the ambient lighting to the soothing background music, has been meticulously curated to ensure guests have a truly immersive experience.

A Luxurious Escape Above Tokyo

AO Spa & Club at Andaz Tokyo is more than just a spa – it's a destination. Offering a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle below, it presents a harmonious blend of modern luxury and traditional Japanese wellness. Whether you're a Tokyo native or a traveler passing through, a visit to this tranquil oasis is bound to leave you rejuvenated, refreshed, and with a renewed appreciation for the finer things in life.

Carju Rajah Tiado at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu Logo

Carju Rajah Tiado at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

Indoor only
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

In the heart of Tokyo's Chiyoda-ku district, amid the backdrop of political powerhouses and historic landmarks, lies a sanctuary of tranquility: the Carju Rajah Tiado spa at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu. Seamlessly blending time-honored Japanese traditions with contemporary luxuries, this spa offers a serene respite from the bustling streets of Tokyo.

Elegance Meets Serenity

The spa's design effortlessly marries Japanese aesthetics with modern elegance. Sliding shoji screens, aromatic tatami floors, and the soft sounds of a koto in the background create a meditative ambiance. As soon as you step through the doors, the urban rush of Tokyo seems miles away.

A Harmonious Blend of Treatments

Carju Rajah Tiado offers an eclectic blend of treatments inspired by both Japanese and global wellness traditions. Whether you're seeking a deep tissue massage, a refreshing facial, or a traditional onsen experience, the spa caters to diverse relaxation needs.

One of the spa's highlights is its array of Japanese treatments. Drawing on age-old practices, these therapies use natural ingredients like rice bran, sake, and seaweed, all revered in Japan for their beautifying properties.

The Onsen Experience

No visit to Carju Rajah Tiado would be complete without indulging in its onsen. These traditional Japanese hot spring baths are designed to not only cleanse the body but also soothe the mind. The spa's onsen, filled with mineral-rich waters, promises therapeutic benefits, leaving the skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Personalized Wellness Journey

Understanding that every guest's needs are unique, the spa offers personalized wellness journeys. Before each session, therapists take time to understand individual preferences and needs, ensuring a bespoke spa experience.

Reconnect with Nature

Beyond its treatments, the spa is a celebration of nature. Its location within the Capitol Hotel Tokyu offers stunning views of the surrounding Hie Shrine and its verdant gardens. Guests can often be seen post-treatment, sipping herbal teas while gazing out at the serene landscape.

A Tranquil Oasis in the Heart of Tokyo

Carju Rajah Tiado at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu stands as a testament to Tokyo's ability to preserve its traditions while embracing the new. It offers guests an oasis of calm amidst the city's dynamic rhythm. Whether you're a weary traveler looking to recharge or a local seeking a serene getaway, the spa promises a rejuvenating experience that lingers long after you've left its tranquil confines.

Heiwajima Onsen Logo

Heiwajima Onsen

Indoor & Outdoor
Thermal Spa

Nestled in the heart of Ōta-ku, Tokyo, away from the ubiquitous flashing neon and bustling streets, lies Heiwajima Onsen, a tranquil oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. This onsen, or traditional Japanese hot spring, offers both locals and travelers a delightful respite from the urban grind, serving as a bridge between the frenzied present and the tranquil past.

Historic Origins and Unique Features

Boasting a history that spans over 60 years, Heiwajima Onsen is home to some of the city's oldest and most mineral-rich black thermal waters, pumped from 2,000 meters below ground. This rare, mineral-infused hot spring water, known for its distinctive color and therapeutic properties, is said to aid in curing various ailments and promoting overall health.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Upon entering Heiwajima Onsen, visitors are greeted with the soothing sounds of gently flowing water, harmonizing with the soft, traditional melodies playing in the background. The aromatic scent of natural woods, combined with the steamy embrace of the hot springs, envelops visitors, making the chaotic city outside seem worlds away.

Diverse Bathing Experiences

Heiwajima Onsen offers a variety of bathing experiences tailored to suit individual preferences. From the spacious outdoor rotenburo baths that allow guests to bask in the open air, to the indoor baths providing a cozy and more intimate setting, there is something for everyone. The cascade bath is especially therapeutic, as the water rhythmically flows onto the bathers, providing a gentle massage sensation.

Sauna and Relaxation Rooms

In addition to the hot springs, the facility features a sauna room, designed to help guests sweat out impurities and relieve muscle tension. After a refreshing soak and sauna session, visitors can retreat to one of the relaxation rooms, fitted with comfortable tatami mats, where they can rest, read, or even take a short nap.

Authentic Japanese Delicacies

No visit to Heiwajima Onsen would be complete without indulging in some authentic Japanese cuisine. The onsen houses a restaurant that serves a plethora of traditional dishes, prepared using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From seasonal sashimi to hearty bowls of udon, guests can savor the flavors of Japan, complementing their wellness journey.

Convenient Accessibility

Despite its secluded ambiance, Heiwajima Onsen boasts excellent connectivity. Located conveniently near the Haneda International Airport, it offers a perfect relaxation spot for travelers either beginning their journey in Japan or preparing to depart.

A Sanctuary in the City

Heiwajima Onsen stands as a testament to Japan's rich onsen culture and its emphasis on harmony, wellness, and balance. In an ever-evolving metropolis like Tokyo, such sanctuaries of serenity offer a valuable escape, allowing visitors to reconnect with themselves and the timeless traditions of Japan. Whether you're a seasoned onsen enthusiast or a first-time visitor, Heiwajima Onsen promises a sublime experience that soothes the body and nurtures the soul.

Le Spa Parisien at The Westin Tokyo Logo

Le Spa Parisien at The Westin Tokyo

Indoor only
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Amid the hustle and bustle of Tokyo's sprawling metropolis, a uniquely Parisian experience awaits the discerning traveler and weary urbanite. Situated within The Westin Tokyo in Meguro-ku, Le Spa Parisien offers a serene sanctuary, blending the sophistication of the City of Lights with the tranquil ambiance of a luxury spa.

European Grandeur Meets Japanese Elegance

From the moment guests step into Le Spa Parisien, they are transported to a realm reminiscent of a luxurious Parisian apartment. Soft chandeliers, opulent drapes, and intricate moldings evoke the romantic allure of Paris, while the meticulous Japanese attention to detail ensures an unparalleled spa experience.

Personalized Spa Treatments

Le Spa Parisien is renowned for its tailor-made treatments that cater to the individual needs of each guest. Drawing inspiration from both French and Japanese wellness traditions, the spa offers a wide range of therapies, from deep tissue massages and rejuvenating facials to traditional Japanese rituals.

One of the highlights is the spa's signature treatment, which employs a harmonious blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, ensuring deep relaxation and holistic rejuvenation. The expert therapists, trained in both Parisian and Japanese techniques, skillfully alleviate stress and tension, revitalizing the body and mind.

Luxurious Amenities

Beyond the individual treatment rooms, Le Spa Parisien boasts an array of amenities designed to enhance the relaxation experience. The spa features a spacious relaxation lounge where guests can unwind post-treatment, sipping herbal teas and soaking in the peaceful ambiance. The wet areas, including saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis, further elevate the experience, allowing guests to detoxify and refresh.

Bespoke Beauty

Understanding the diverse needs of its clientele, Le Spa Parisien also offers a range of beauty treatments. From manicures and pedicures that employ premium nail products to personalized facial treatments using cutting-edge skincare lines, every beauty need is catered to with precision and care.

Location and Accessibility

Conveniently located in Meguro-ku, a district known for its blend of modernity and tradition, Le Spa Parisien is easily accessible for both locals and tourists. The Westin Tokyo, with its iconic presence, acts as a beacon of luxury, making the spa a favored destination for those seeking an upscale spa experience.

A Parisian Retreat in Tokyo

Le Spa Parisien stands as a symbol of the harmonious fusion of European luxury and Japanese hospitality. It's more than just a spa—it's an escape from the city's frenzy, a place where East meets West in the most serene and sumptuous manner. Whether you're in Tokyo for business or leisure, a visit to Le Spa Parisien promises a journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, and sheer Parisian elegance.

Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro Logo

Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro

Indoor & Outdoor
Day Spa

In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, where the modern skyline is punctuated with soaring skyscrapers and the streets resonate with the rhythm of urban life, there exists a haven that transports you to a world of tranquility: the Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro. Located in Itabashi-ku, this spa is a testament to Japan's timeless onsen (hot spring) culture, juxtaposed against the city's dynamic backdrop.

A Natural Spring in the City's Heart

Drawing water from a natural source deep underground, Maenohara Onsen offers the therapeutic benefits of black mineral water, known for its rejuvenating properties. Rich in minerals such as sodium and calcium, the water is said to aid in relieving nerve pain, muscle aches, and improving circulation, among other benefits.

Architecture and Ambiance

The ambiance at Sayano Yudokoro is a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern comforts. As you step inside, you're greeted by wooden structures, soft lighting, and the gentle murmurs of flowing water. The design beautifully encapsulates the essence of "Wa" (harmony) – promoting a sense of peace and balance with nature. Outdoor baths, surrounded by meticulously curated gardens, change with the seasons, offering guests a unique experience whether they visit during the cherry blossoms of spring, the vibrant foliage of autumn, or the serene snows of winter.

Diverse Bathing Experiences

Apart from the main onsen baths, Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro offers a variety of bathing experiences. There are saunas infused with natural aromas, open-air baths, and even a cascading waterfall bath, where water flows rhythmically, offering a gentle massage effect. For those who prefer a more private experience, there are options for individual or family baths, ensuring that everyone, from the first-time onsen visitor to the seasoned enthusiast, finds their preferred mode of relaxation.

Additional Amenities

Beyond the baths, Sayano Yudokoro caters to complete well-being. Traditional massage therapies, relaxation rooms, and dining areas serving wholesome Japanese cuisine ensure that guests can spend an entire day rejuvenating both body and mind. The spa also pays homage to the age-old Japanese communal bathhouse culture, with spaces where locals and tourists alike can engage in unhurried conversations, fostering a sense of community.

An Urban Oasis in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

In a city that never sleeps, Maenohara Onsen Sayano Yudokoro in Itabashi-ku stands as a sanctuary that allows one to pause, reflect, and reconnect with nature's healing touch. It embodies the essence of Japanese onsen culture, reminding us of the beauty in simplicity and the luxury of taking a moment for oneself. For anyone traversing the lively streets of Tokyo, this spa promises a journey of serenity and revitalization.

Okura Fitness & Spa Logo

Okura Fitness & Spa

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Situated in the prestigious district of Minato-ku, within the iconic Hotel Okura Tokyo, lies a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury – the Okura Fitness & Spa. Infusing quintessential Japanese aesthetics with state-of-the-art facilities, this spa epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Traditional Ambiance with Modern Sophistication

From the moment you step through its doors, Okura Fitness & Spa captivates guests with an atmosphere that exudes tranquility. The design elements are deeply rooted in Japanese sensibilities – think shoji screens, bamboo motifs, and serene water features. Yet, there's a definitive touch of contemporary luxury, evident in the spa's sleek lines and plush amenities, creating a unique environment that appeals to both traditionalists and modernists alike.

Revitalizing Spa Treatments

The spa prides itself on offering treatments that draw inspiration from Japan's rich wellness heritage. With therapies utilizing indigenous ingredients like Japanese rice, seaweed, and aromatic botanicals, guests are treated to authentic experiences that nurture both the body and soul. Signature treatments, often combining time-honored Japanese techniques with contemporary methods, provide a holistic approach to relaxation and rejuvenation. From deep-tissue massages that melt away urban stress to facials that harness the antioxidant properties of local ingredients, each therapy is curated to offer tangible results in a serene setting.

Cutting-edge Fitness Amenities

But Okura Fitness & Spa isn't just about relaxation. Recognizing the needs of today's global traveler, the spa houses a state-of-the-art fitness center. Cardio machines, weight-training equipment, and personalized fitness sessions ensure that guests can maintain or kick-start their fitness regimens, even while on the go. For those who prefer a calmer workout, the spa's serene indoor pool provides an opportunity for leisurely laps, with the ambiance enhanced by mood lighting and the soft echo of water.

Beyond the Physical

A visit to the Okura Fitness & Spa is not just a physical journey, but a sensory one. Beyond the treatments and fitness facilities, guests can immerse themselves in traditional Japanese experiences, from tea ceremonies conducted with meticulous attention to detail to meditation sessions that help cultivate mindfulness.

Elegance and Well-being in Minato-ku, Tokyo

In the vibrant urban landscape of Minato-ku, Tokyo, the Okura Fitness & Spa stands as a tranquil oasis that promises a multisensory journey. Marrying the best of Japanese traditions with modern luxury, it offers guests a unique retreat where the body is revitalized, the mind is calmed, and the spirit is uplifted. A visit here is more than just a spa day; it's an immersion into a world where wellness and luxury coalesce seamlessly.

Spa & Fitness at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho Logo

Spa & Fitness at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Set against the bustling backdrop of Chiyoda-ku, one of Tokyo's most dynamic districts, the Spa & Fitness at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho emerges as a luminous beacon of luxury, wellness, and tranquility. Perched high above the urban expanse, this sophisticated spa and fitness center offers guests an unparalleled escape from the city's hustle and bustle, all while ensconced in plush elegance.

Elevated Serenity with A View

From the moment visitors step into the Spa & Fitness center, they are welcomed by an ambiance of muted luxury. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame sweeping views of the Tokyo skyline, casting the city in a soft, ethereal glow. The spa's design elegantly marries modern minimalism with touches of traditional Japanese aesthetics, creating a space that feels both contemporary and timelessly serene.

Indulgent Treatments with a Japanese Touch

At the heart of the spa experience are its bespoke treatments. Drawing from Japan's rich wellness heritage, the spa offers therapies that combine age-old techniques with innovative approaches. Whether it's a massage using aromatic Japanese botanicals or a facial that harnesses the rejuvenating properties of local ingredients, guests are ensured a deeply authentic and rejuvenating experience. Signature treatments might include rituals inspired by traditional Japanese onsens, utilizing mineral-rich waters to detoxify and relax the body, or therapies that harness the calming properties of green tea and sakura blossoms.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Oasis

For those keen on maintaining their fitness regimen, the center boasts a cutting-edge gym equipped with the latest in cardiovascular and strength-training machinery. The fitness space, bathed in natural light, offers an invigorating environment for workouts, with personal trainers on hand to provide bespoke sessions. Adjacent to the gym, a serene indoor pool provides a space for both vigorous laps and leisurely swims, its waters reflecting the city's skyline, making for a mesmerizing swim experience.

Holistic Well-being Beyond the Physical

Understanding that wellness is a holistic journey, the Spa & Fitness center also offers programs designed to nourish the mind and soul. Meditation and yoga sessions, often with views of the city stretching below, provide moments of introspection and calm. Additionally, workshops on nutrition, mindfulness, and holistic living ensure guests have access to a comprehensive wellness experience.

A Luxe Wellness Retreat Above the City

The Spa & Fitness at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho in Chiyoda-ku is more than just a wellness destination; it's a sanctuary that floats above Tokyo, offering guests a unique vantage point from which to rediscover tranquility and balance. With its harmonious blend of traditional Japanese wellness philosophies and modern luxury, it stands as a testament to Tokyo's ability to seamlessly meld the old with the new, making it an essential retreat for both residents and visitors in the heart of the city.

Spa LaQua Logo

Spa LaQua

Indoor & Outdoor
Day Spa, Rooftop

In the heart of the bustling Bunkyō-ku district of Tokyo, where the fast-paced rhythm of urban life resonates, a sanctuary of serenity and rejuvenation awaits: Spa LaQua. This luxurious wellness retreat, tucked amidst the city's vibrant backdrop, promises an unparalleled spa experience that effortlessly merges Japan's rich onsen (hot spring) traditions with state-of-the-art amenities.

Ethereal Ambiance in the City's Heart

The first impression of Spa LaQua is one of calmness and elegance. The ambiance, thoughtfully curated, offers an immediate respite from the city's frenzy. Soft, ambient lighting, soothing water features, and the gentle fragrance of aromatic oils greet visitors, setting the stage for an immersive wellness journey.

Natural Springs in a Metropolitan Setting

One of Spa LaQua's most distinguishing features is its utilization of natural hot spring waters drawn from deep beneath Tokyo. Rich in minerals and therapeutic properties, these onsen baths are meticulously designed, offering both indoor and outdoor soaking experiences. Guests can unwind in the mineral-rich waters, which are known to alleviate stress, improve circulation, and nourish the skin. The juxtaposition of relaxing in a natural spring while surrounded by Tokyo's iconic skyline offers a unique experience that seamlessly blends nature and urban luxury.

A Comprehensive Suite of Treatments

Beyond its celebrated onsen baths, Spa LaQua offers a plethora of treatments designed to cater to diverse wellness needs. Traditional Japanese massages, contemporary beauty treatments, saunas, and steam rooms all find a place in this comprehensive spa menu. Specialized treatments, often inspired by ancient Japanese wellness philosophies, use local ingredients like matcha, rice bran, and yuzu, ensuring guests receive an authentic and revitalizing experience.

Wellness Beyond the Physical

Spa LaQua's commitment to holistic wellness is evident in its offerings that go beyond physical treatments. Meditation corners, relaxation lounges with serene views, and aromatic therapy rooms provide spaces where guests can cultivate mindfulness, achieve mental clarity, and immerse themselves in moments of introspection.

A Culinary Journey of Wellness

Adding another layer to the spa experience, Spa LaQua houses dining areas that offer a curated menu of wholesome, nutritious delicacies. Ingredients are often locally sourced, ensuring freshness, and dishes are inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine, promising both taste and nutrition.

An Urban Oasis of Wellness and Relaxation

Spa LaQua in Bunkyō-ku stands as a testament to Tokyo's ability to offer pockets of serenity amidst its dynamic urban landscape. It's not just a place to visit but an experience to cherish, a journey that reintroduces guests to the rhythms of nature and the profound benefits of age-old wellness practices. Whether a local seeking a day of relaxation or a traveler looking to experience Tokyo's wellness offerings, Spa LaQua promises an encounter with rejuvenation, luxury, and tranquility.

THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Marunouchi Logo

THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Marunouchi

Indoor only
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

In the heart of Chiyoda-ku, amidst the bustling streets, towering skyscrapers, and the pulsating energy of Tokyo, lies a sanctuary of serenity and luxury: THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Marunouchi. As part of one of the world's most renowned luxury hotel chains, this spa encapsulates the essence of rejuvenation, offering a tranquil escape from the urban frenzy outside its doors.

Elegance in Every Detail

As guests step into THE SPA, they are immediately welcomed into a realm of refined elegance. Soft, ambient lighting, plush furnishings, and a color palette inspired by nature come together to create an atmosphere that calms the senses. The meticulous design seamlessly combines contemporary sophistication with touches of traditional Japanese aesthetics, manifesting a harmonious environment dedicated to relaxation.

An Array of Bespoke Treatments

The strength of THE SPA lies in its curated menu of treatments, tailored to cater to the discerning needs of its guests. Drawing inspiration from both Japan's rich wellness traditions and contemporary therapeutic techniques, the spa offers an experience that rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit. Signature treatments often incorporate ingredients intrinsic to Japanese culture, such as matcha, sake, and yuzu. These locally-sourced ingredients, known for their therapeutic properties, are used in rituals that range from massages and facials to full-body treatments, ensuring a holistic wellness experience.

Innovative Amenities for Holistic Well-being

Beyond the treatments, THE SPA boasts a range of facilities that elevate the wellness journey. A state-of-the-art fitness center ensures guests can maintain their health regimens, while saunas and steam rooms provide spaces for detoxification and relaxation. One of the standout features is the onsen-style bath, drawing from Japan's long-standing tradition of communal bathing. This facility offers guests the therapeutic benefits of mineral-rich waters in an environment that echoes the tranquility of Japan's natural hot springs.

A Sanctuary of Mindful Relaxation

Recognizing the importance of mental well-being in the holistic wellness journey, THE SPA offers spaces dedicated to meditation and relaxation. Guided sessions, mindfulness workshops, and yoga classes allow guests to cultivate inner peace, complementing the physical treatments with spiritual nourishment.

An Exquisite Cocoon of Wellness Amidst Urban Dynamism

THE SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Marunouchi in Chiyoda-ku stands as a beacon of luxury and well-being in one of Tokyo's most vibrant districts. It's not merely a place to receive treatments; it's a destination, a journey into a world where time slows down, and every moment is dedicated to nurturing the self. For those navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo, this spa offers a promise: an oasis of calm, where luxury meets well-being, and the spirit is renewed.

Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club Logo

Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club

Indoor only
Hotel Spa

Nestled within the cosmopolitan landscape of Minato-ku, one of Tokyo's most upscale and vibrant districts, the Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club emerges as a serene retreat, offering respite from the city's incessant rhythm. This exclusive spa encapsulates a world where contemporary luxury meets holistic wellness, providing a unique haven for those seeking an elevated spa experience.

A Symphony of Sophistication and Serenity

Upon entering the Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club, visitors are immediately embraced by an ambiance that exudes calm and sophistication. The spa's design is a meticulous blend of sleek modernism and touches of Japanese minimalism. Soft, ambient lighting, muted tones, and delicate natural elements combine to craft an environment where the outside world gracefully fades away.

Bespoke Treatments for the Discerning Individual

At the core of the spa's offerings is a curated selection of treatments that cater to a diverse range of wellness needs. Drawing from both global therapeutic techniques and Japan's rich spa traditions, the Allamanda Spa ensures a personalized and transformative experience for each guest. Treatments often utilize a blend of premium, natural ingredients sourced both locally and internationally. Whether one opts for a rejuvenating facial using the antioxidant properties of Japanese botanicals or a deep-tissue massage inspired by global techniques, the spa promises a journey of revitalization.

Modern Amenities in a Tranquil Setting

Beyond the individual treatment rooms, the Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club boasts an array of world-class facilities designed to enhance the overall spa experience. Guests can indulge in state-of-the-art saunas, steam rooms, and specialty baths, each providing unique therapeutic benefits. For those seeking a more active form of relaxation, the spa also houses a modern fitness center, ensuring guests can maintain their wellness routines in a luxurious setting.

Holistic Wellness with a Personal Touch

Understanding the holistic nature of well-being, the spa places a significant emphasis on treatments and programs that nurture not just the body, but also the mind and spirit. Personalized wellness consultations, meditation sessions, and relaxation lounges offer guests the opportunity to achieve a deeper sense of balance and tranquility.

An Urban Sanctuary of Elegance and Well-being

In the heart of Minato-ku's urban sprawl, the Allamanda Spa Aoyama Club stands as a testament to Tokyo's ability to harmoniously meld the fast-paced dynamism of city life with pockets of serene luxury. More than just a spa, it's a destination where each detail, from the ambiance to the treatments, is crafted with the guest's utmost well-being in mind. For residents and visitors of Tokyo, it offers a promise: a space where the body, mind, and spirit find harmonious rejuvenation amidst the city's vibrant heartbeat.

Times Spa Resta Logo

Times Spa Resta

Indoor only
Day Spa

Amidst the dynamic streets of Toshima-ku, an area bustling with energy and Tokyo's urban spirit, lies a haven that offers a slice of tranquility: Times Spa Resta. This urban oasis, strategically located in one of Tokyo's most lively districts, serves as a rejuvenating retreat for those looking to momentarily escape the city's fast pace and immerse themselves in a sanctuary of relaxation.

Contemporary Oasis in the Heart of the City

Upon entering Times Spa Resta, guests are immediately transported to a world of calm and elegance. The spa's interiors, reflecting a modern aesthetic, incorporate clean lines, muted tones, and ambient lighting to craft an atmosphere that's both chic and soothing. Elements of nature, such as wooden finishes and water features, add touches of organic serenity to the space.

Diverse Wellness Offerings for the Urban Soul

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, Times Spa Resta offers a range of treatments and facilities that cater to both the body and spirit. Traditional Japanese therapies, such as onsen baths sourced from natural hot springs, promise detoxification and relaxation. These authentic experiences, rich in therapeutic minerals, provide guests with the time-honored benefits of Japan's beloved hot spring culture. Complementing the traditional offerings, the spa also provides contemporary treatments, from aromatherapy massages to rejuvenating facials, ensuring a comprehensive wellness experience.

State-of-the-Art Amenities for Complete Relaxation

Beyond its treatment suites, Times Spa Resta is equipped with an array of facilities designed to amplify relaxation. Modern saunas, steam rooms, and specialty baths are strategically placed, allowing guests to embark on a self-guided journey of detoxification and relaxation. The spa also houses relaxation lounges, where guests can unwind and bask in the post-treatment glow, all while sipping on herbal teas or refreshing infusions.

A Holistic Approach to Well-being

Understanding that true wellness encompasses mind, body, and spirit, Times Spa Resta emphasizes holistic practices. Spaces dedicated to meditation and mindfulness allow guests to cultivate inner peace, while fitness zones ensure that physical well-being is also catered to. Personalized wellness consultations are available, ensuring that each guest's unique needs are addressed.

A Modern Urban Retreat for Rest and Renewal

In Toshima-ku, a district pulsating with Tokyo's urban heartbeat, Times Spa Resta emerges as a serene counterpoint, offering residents and visitors a space of unparalleled relaxation. More than just a spa, it's a sanctuary where modern amenities meet traditional practices, ensuring that each guest's journey is both transformative and deeply rooted in authentic wellness traditions. In the heart of the city, it stands as a testament to the harmonious balance of urban life and holistic well-being.

Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura Logo

Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura

Indoor & Outdoor
Day Spa

In Toshima-ku, a district that reverberates with Tokyo's urban pulse, lies a serene retreat that captures the very essence of Japan's cherished traditions: Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura. A harmonious blend of natural beauty, time-honored practices, and modern comforts, this spa offers a refreshing respite amidst the city's lively backdrop.

A Poetic Ode to Nature

The very name of the spa, "Sakura," which means cherry blossom, sets the stage for its theme and ambiance. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of cherry blossoms, Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura weaves elements of nature into its design. Serene garden views, delicate floral motifs, and a calming color palette reminiscent of cherry blossoms in full bloom create an environment that is both rejuvenating and deeply calming.

Authentic Onsen Experience in the City

At the heart of Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura is its dedication to offering an authentic onsen experience. The spa boasts natural hot spring baths that draw water from deep underground sources. Rich in minerals and therapeutic properties, these onsen baths provide a myriad of health benefits, from improving skin health to soothing aching muscles and promoting overall relaxation. Guests can immerse themselves in various pools, each maintained at different temperatures, ensuring a holistic bathing experience. The juxtaposition of soaking in therapeutic waters while surrounded by modern Tokyo's views offers a unique and enchanting experience.

Holistic Wellness Offerings

Beyond the onsen baths, the spa provides a plethora of treatments and services designed to cater to holistic well-being. Traditional Japanese massage therapies, body scrubs using indigenous ingredients, and facials tailored to individual skin needs promise to pamper and rejuvenate. For those keen on indulging in a deeper relaxation experience, serene relaxation rooms, softly lit and infused with gentle fragrances, offer the perfect space for meditation and introspection.

Culinary Delights for Complete Well-being

Understanding that wellness extends beyond treatments, Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura houses dining areas that focus on nourishing the body from within. Menus are crafted with an emphasis on seasonal, local ingredients, reflecting traditional Japanese culinary philosophies. Guests can indulge in delicacies that are not just delightful to the palate but also beneficial for overall health.

A Tranquil Blossom in Tokyo's Vibrant Core

Tokyo Somei Onsen Sakura in Toshima-ku stands as a testament to Japan's ability to preserve its rich traditions while seamlessly integrating them into modern settings. It offers residents and visitors a chance to step back from the city's hustle, to immerse themselves in tranquility, and to reconnect with nature and self. In a city that never sleeps, this spa serves as a poetic reminder of the simple joys and profound benefits of stillness and rejuvenation.

YU, THE SPA by L’Occitane at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Logo

YU, THE SPA by L’Occitane at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Day Spa

Nestled in the historic and cultural heart of Bunkyō-ku lies a spa that offers a unique interplay of European luxury and Japanese tranquility: YU, THE SPA by L’Occitane at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Within the grand confines of Hotel Chinzanso, renowned for its lush gardens and timeless elegance, this spa emerges as a sanctuary where guests can embark on a transcendent journey of rejuvenation.

A Melange of Cultures and Sensations

As soon as guests step into YU, THE SPA, they are welcomed into a realm where two distinct worlds merge harmoniously. The spa exudes L’Occitane's signature Provençal charm, with hints of lavender and a Mediterranean color palette. Simultaneously, elements of traditional Japanese design, including soft wooden tones and tranquil water features, weave through the space, grounding the spa in its Tokyo locale.

Signature Therapies with L’Occitane's Essence

The strength of this spa lies in its curated treatments that harness L’Occitane's expertise in natural skincare. Guests are treated to therapies that use the finest L’Occitane products, infused with ingredients sourced from the landscapes of Provence, such as almond, verbena, and immortelle. But what truly sets these treatments apart is their integration with Japanese wellness philosophies. Whether it's a facial that combines French skincare techniques with traditional Japanese massage methods or a body treatment inspired by the relaxing baths of Japanese onsens, every therapy promises a blend of East and West, offering unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation.

Gardens of Bliss

One of the standout features of YU, THE SPA is its proximity to Hotel Chinzanso's legendary gardens. These gardens, with their seasonal flowers, ancient pagodas, and meandering streams, offer guests a therapeutic space to unwind post-treatment. The melodic chirping of birds and the soft rustling of leaves enhance the sensory experience, making relaxation amidst nature an integral part of the spa journey.

A Complete Wellness Sojourn

In addition to the bespoke treatments, the spa boasts an array of facilities that cater to holistic wellness. A state-of-the-art fitness center ensures that guests can maintain their workout routines, while saunas and steam rooms provide avenues for deep detoxification and relaxation.

An Enchanting Fusion of French Elegance and Japanese Serenity

YU, THE SPA by L’Occitane at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is more than just a spa; it's a cultural symphony, a place where the soulful melodies of Provence meet the serene harmonies of Tokyo. It stands as a testament to the magic that unfolds when two distinct traditions converge. For those wandering the streets of Bunkyō-ku, seeking an escape or a moment of pampering, this spa promises not just treatments but an experience that lingers in memory, long after the visit concludes.

Dormy Inn Akihabara Spa Logo

Dormy Inn Akihabara Spa

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa, Thermal Spa

In the vibrant Chiyoda-ku district of Tokyo, the electric pulse of Akihabara - known universally as the mecca for electronics and anime culture - beats relentlessly. Amidst the neon glow of gadget stores and bustling streets of Otaku enthusiasts, a sanctuary of relaxation emerges in the form of the Dormy Inn Akihabara Spa.

Location and Ambiance

Conveniently situated near the Akihabara Station, Dormy Inn is more than just a hotel; it's an experience. The exterior's modern design subtly nods to Japanese aesthetics, while inside, the blend of contemporary amenities with traditional touches ensures guests a comfortable stay.

A Spa Experience to Remember

While Dormy Inn Akihabara boasts all the facilities of a top-tier city hotel, its crown jewel is undeniably the on-site spa. This facility draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese onsen (hot spring) tradition, providing guests a rare urban opportunity to partake in this age-old wellness ritual.

Natural Hot Springs in the City

The onsen baths at Dormy Inn Akihabara are filled with natural hot spring water, sourced from deep beneath the bustling streets of Tokyo. Guests can alternate between indoor and outdoor baths, the latter allowing for relaxation under the open sky. Each bath is designed to soothe tired muscles, revitalize the skin, and offer a serene respite from the busy urban environment.

Sauna and More

Beyond the onsen, the spa features a traditional sauna, where guests can indulge in heat therapy, perfect for detoxification and relaxation. Cool-down areas and cold-water baths complement the sauna experience, ensuring a balanced thermal cycle.

A Dip into Tradition with the Yonaki Soba Service

One of the unique offerings of Dormy Inn Akihabara is its late-night soba noodle service, a nod to Japanese hospitality and culinary tradition. After a relaxing soak, guests can savor a complimentary bowl of delicious yonaki soba, adding a culinary touch to their wellness journey.

A Commitment to Comfort

Every aspect of Dormy Inn Akihabara, from its well-appointed rooms to the meticulously maintained spa facilities, speaks of a commitment to guest comfort. Service, always a hallmark of Japanese hospitality, is attentive and discreet, ensuring that each visitor's stay is both memorable and rejuvenating.

A Harmony of Modernity and Tradition

Dormy Inn Akihabara Spa stands as a testament to Tokyo's ability to harmoniously blend the frenetic pace of modern life with the calm serenity of traditional wellness practices. It offers both international travelers and locals an accessible slice of onsen culture, right in the heart of one of Tokyo's most iconic districts. Whether you're an anime enthusiast looking to unwind after a day of exploration or a weary traveler seeking relaxation, Dormy Inn Akihabara Spa promises an experience that rejuvenates the body and soul.

SkySpa at Candeo Hotel Logo

SkySpa at Candeo Hotel

Indoor & Outdoor
Hotel Spa

Rising above the bustling streets and modern cityscape of Minato-ku, the SkySpa at Candeo Hotel offers a unique spa experience that is quite literally a cut above the rest. As its name suggests, this elevated oasis provides guests with a serene retreat amidst the clouds, offering panoramic views of Tokyo's skyline while immersing them in ultimate relaxation.

A Panoramic Perch of Tranquility

The moment guests step into the SkySpa, they're greeted with breathtaking, sweeping vistas of Minato-ku. The spa's prime location atop the Candeo Hotel ensures an unobstructed view of Tokyo's architectural marvels, iconic landmarks, and even the distant majestic Mount Fuji on clear days. Amidst this backdrop, the ambiance in the spa is one of serene harmony, where the urban panorama outside complements the calm interiors.

Therapeutic Baths with a View

One of the standout features of SkySpa is its open-air baths. Here, guests can soak in therapeutic waters, enriched with minerals and natural ingredients, while gazing out at the city below. The juxtaposition of the warm, calming waters against the cool city breeze creates a sensory experience that is both invigorating and soothing. The spa offers a range of baths, from traditional Japanese onsen inspired pools to modern hydrotherapy jets, catering to diverse preferences and ensuring a rejuvenating experience for every visitor.

Modern Amenities in a Traditional Essence

While the SkySpa prides itself on its contemporary design and top-notch facilities, it doesn't forget the rich Japanese spa traditions. Saunas and steam rooms infused with aromatic Japanese herbs offer detoxifying benefits, and relaxation lounges with tatami mat flooring allow guests to unwind in a setting that echoes traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Comprehensive Wellness

Beyond baths and relaxation spaces, the SkySpa also emphasizes holistic well-being. There are massage rooms where skilled therapists provide treatments ranging from deep tissue massages to gentle aromatherapy sessions. Every therapy is designed to alleviate urban stresses and strains, ensuring that guests emerge revitalized in body and spirit.

A Soothing Escape Above the Tokyo Skyline

The SkySpa at Candeo Hotel in Minato-ku is more than just a spa—it's a sanctuary in the sky. As the city buzzes with activity below, this elevated retreat provides a peaceful respite, where the allure of Tokyo's skyline melds seamlessly with therapeutic treatments. Whether you're a resident seeking a quick urban escape or a traveler looking for a unique spa experience, the SkySpa promises a rejuvenating journey that elevates both your spirits and your perspective.

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Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu

Indoor & Outdoor
Day Spa

Located in the heart of Taitō-ku, Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu offers a unique and authentic Japanese bathing experience. This spa is not just a place to cleanse the body; it's a cultural institution that provides a window into the age-old traditions of Japanese communal bathing. With its serene ambiance and traditional design, Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu transports its visitors to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Experience the Healing Powers of Natural Waters

One of the standout features of Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu is its use of natural spring water. Sourced from deep within the earth, this water is rich in minerals that are believed to have therapeutic properties. As you soak in the warm baths, let the mineral-rich waters work their magic, soothing sore muscles, improving circulation, and promoting overall well-being.

A Blend of Modern Amenities and Traditional Charm

While Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu pays homage to traditional Japanese bathing practices, it doesn't shy away from offering modern amenities. The spa is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. From spacious bathing areas to relaxation lounges, every aspect of the spa is designed with the comfort of its guests in mind. Yet, amidst these modern amenities, the spa retains its traditional charm, with wooden interiors, stone pathways, and tranquil gardens that echo the aesthetics of old-world Japan.

A Cultural Experience Beyond Bathing

Visiting Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu is not just about bathing; it's about immersing oneself in Japanese culture. The spa offers a range of experiences that allow visitors to delve deeper into the traditions of Japan. Whether it's participating in a traditional tea ceremony, donning a yukata (a casual summer kimono), or simply enjoying the serene ambiance of the garden, every moment at Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu is a cultural experience in itself.

Conveniently Located in the Heart of Taitō-ku

Situated in the bustling district of Taitō-ku, Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu is easily accessible to both locals and tourists. Its central location makes it a popular choice for those looking to experience traditional Japanese bathing without venturing too far from the city's main attractions. After a day of sightseeing or shopping, there's nothing more relaxing than unwinding at this tranquil oasis.

A Tranquil Oasis in Taitō-ku, Japan

Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu stands as a testament to Japan's rich bathing culture. It offers a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring that visitors get the best of both worlds. Whether you're a seasoned spa-goer or a first-time visitor, a trip to Asakusa Rox Matsuriyu promises an experience that is both relaxing and culturally enriching. So, the next time you find yourself in Taitō-ku, don't miss the chance to visit this hidden gem and indulge in a truly Japanese spa experience.

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